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Bridge to Bachelor's

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Start at a Colorado Community College and finish at CSU Pueblo through the Bridge to Bachelor’s Program. 

The Program


    What Is It?

    The Bridge to Bachelor's Degree Program ensures first-time students attending any Colorado College Community System (CCCS) school are guaranteed admission to CSU Pueblo upon completion of an Associate degree.  

    And when you are ready to apply to CSU Pueblo, you apply for free!

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    Why Do It?

    CCCS students who participate in the Bridge to Bachelor's Degree Program will have access to:

    Personalized Transfer Advising and Academic Success Coaching to ensure accurate and holistic support of your transfer and academic journey at the University. 

    Scholarship Opportunities to make finishing your degree more affordable and attainable.

    Guaranteed Admission with no hassles or worries about whether you will get in and a smooth credit transfer process. 

    A Huge Head Start on your degree - B2B program completion guarantees all General Education courses are satisfied, and following your transfer guide ensures progress is made on your major requirements as well.

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    How Do I Apply?

    A first-time CCCS student must: 

    1. Indicate that you want to participate in the Bridge to Bachelor's program when filling out your CCCS college application, or opt-in during your first semester by speaking with your community college advisor. 
    2. Maintain a 2.0 minimum GPA
    3. Complete any Associate of Arts (AA) or Associate of Science (AS) program. 
    4. That's it!

Vaccination Requirement and Exemptions

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The university's COVID-19 Vaccination Policy includes the COVID-19 vaccination unless an exemption is filed.

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