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IT Project Management

Getting Started:

Use the button below to access the Project Request Form.  This will be submitted to IT Governance Council for review.  You will be contacted if there are further questions and notified about approval determination and scheduling status.

Request an IT Project:

Projects requests from campus are received and assessed against various criteria such as size, insitutional impact, and business continuity. A mix of all projects sizes are worked and prioritized using rubrics, sizing matrix, executive leadership, and compliance needs.

How it Works
When a project is requested, a determination is made to asses what level of campus impact, resources, and effort is needed to accomplish the request. Many times more information is needed and we reach back out for additional details. A project queue is created with various sized projects that are assessed each quarter of the year to ensure we are meeting campus needs.

Project Review Cycle
The project request review cycle consists of the following:

  • Projects are assessed as they come in on at minimum of  three-week cycle (more times as needed)
  • Projects are measured across input collected in the intial request and any 3rd party information provided relevant to the project.
    • A project could sit in the queue as other projects are activated and worked.
    • Calling the help desk, we can add details to your project.
  • Once a project is activated we will determine a timeline and project managment needs to complete the request

Who can request a project?
Faculty and staff of CSU Pueblo can input a project and it is advised the executive leadership for your area is advised of the project request before submission.

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