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Getting Started:

Click the button below to access the Project Request Form.  This will be submitted to IT Governance Council for review.  You will be contacted if there are further questions and notified about approval determination and scheduling status.

Request an IT Project:

Projects requests from campus are received and prioritized by the IT Governance Committee with the oversight of the IT Governance Council appointed by the campus vice presidents.


How it Works:

When a project is requested, a determination is made to asses what level of project management will be required, and an assessment done to determine what priority the project has in relation to other current projects being worked on. If the project review committee recommends moving forward with the request, project management resources will be assigned to initiate, plan, execute, monitor & control, and close the project in the tentative timeframe determined.


Project Review Cycle:

The project request review cycle consists of the following:

  • 1st of Month: Monthly submission deadline for new requests.
  • First Thursday of the month: IT Governance Committee Meeting – Recommendation and Prioritization of Proposal
  • Second week of the month: IT Management Team Review – final acceptance, prioritization, timeline recommendation and communications.
  • IT Governance Council : Quarterly review of all IT projects and project scheduling conflict resolution as required.


Who Can Make a Project Request:


Faculty and staff of CSU-Pueblo.

Registration is Open

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Registration is available for Fall B online – please see course details in Course Offerings. 

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