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Computing Resource Application (CRA)

Our Computing Resource Application (CRA) is how CSU Pueblo faculty, staff, and student employees request add-on access for resources or systems on campus. Please use the button to get started!

Getting started

As you navigate your journey with us at CSU Pueblo, we want to ensure that:

  • You have the add-on access you need to be successful in your role.
  • Requesting additional add-on access is straighforward and easy.
  • You understand the CRA process to plan accordingly.

Filebound Support Team

This Filebound Support team of SMEs and Technology experts collectively work to ensure the process is moving as expected. They connect with each other to help troubleshoot issues and work to improve the experience.

Subject Matter Experts (SMEs)

  • Trisha Macias
  • Kristin Mclaren
  • Jennifer Quintana
  • Amanda Figueroa
  • Megan Lorenz
  • Lisa Chavez
  • Kathleen Hund
  • Jonathon Valdez
  • Brianna Moorman

Technology Team

  • Amy Bitar-Gradjeda
  • Sam Alabka
  • Patricia Garcia
  • Frank Milavec
  • Rose Farmer
  • John Brownlee
  • Eric Leung

Frequently Asked Questions

Familiarize yourself with the CRA's updated FAQ section. It's a treasure trove of information, answering common questions and offering tips. 


    What access do all employees get automatically?

    • Microsoft 365 Account
      • Email
      • Teams Video
      • Web-Based Office
      • Downloadable Office Suite
    • Blackboard Learning Management System
      • Basic access to login for all users
      • Courses are associated with you via Banner
      • Some training courses require the facilitator to you
    • Employee Portal
      • Contact information
      • Statements
      • Other employment related details
    • NetID
      • Password Management
      • DUO 2-factor authentication management
    • Kuali Financial System (KFS)
      • Basic level access

    Do faculty get any other automatic access?

    Faculty will get a few additional items automatically without needing a request.
    • Starfish
    • Self Service Banner (SSB)
    • Course Evaluations
    • Class Lists

    I'm adjunct, do I need to fill out a CRA?

    In most cases you already have everything you need! It's suggested that you request READ ACCESS to this folder under shared drives of the CRA in some cases:
    i:drive/Higher Learning Commission/Syllabi

    I'm a chair or dean, do I need a CRA?

    Your role does require more access to help you perform you role. It is suggested you select:

    • DARS exception
    • DARS Approval
    • Courseleaf 

    Banner Application (not on CRA)


    I'm and Academic Admin II or Admin III, what do I need?

    • Shared Drive - READ/WRITE ACCESS

      i:drive/Higher Learning Commission/Syllabi

    Banner Application (not on CRA)


    I heard I need training for Kuali Financial, where do I get it?

    You can access Kuali Financial System (KFS) training in Blackboard. You can even self-enroll by login into the Blackboard system and then click the button on the KFS training page.

    How does the CRA even work?

    The Computing Resource Application (CRA) is a basic form that has a variety of options to created add-on access to your default account. When you have determined you need additional access here is the basic workflow:

    1. Open the CRA Form to select the add-on access
    2. Provide detailed information about your role
    3. Submit the CRA Form

    Quick Tips

    • Your supervisor must approve the request
    • The CRA splits into multiple workflows that go to approvers and access grantors
      • This can take different times to process
      • All workflows run in parallel for faster processing
    • As each workflow completes, you will get an email each time confiming access is granted/rejected

    My access request was rejected? Now what?

    Rejection is hard, but don't worry we have a system in place to minize the times a CRA is rejected. Typically a rejection happens when an access request does not have enough information or the role doesn't align with the access rquested. We do our best to gather more information when we have a question. If you do get rejected, be suure to take note of the reason.

    Keep note that a rejected CRA does not affect all the other requests made. It is only for that specific access.

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