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PCI Compliance

Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS)

PCI DSS is a written set of standards that contain technical requirements that are in place to protect the process of credit cards transactions.  This standard has been in existence for years, requiring any merchant that processes, transmits, or stores customer’s cardholder data to be PCI compliant.

Because we handle credit card transaction on our campus, we are held to the PCI DSS set of standards

Besides the requirement of being compliant with the PCI DSS standards, it is important for us to meet these standards so that we can protect our customers from hackers and thieves, keep their trust, and protect our CSU Pueblo name.

Help our campus avoid fines and lawsuits
If even one of our departments were to have a breach, we all may be dealing with fines and lawsuits from our customers, our government, card brands, and more.  By being PCI compliant, we can reduce or even avoid these fines and protect our reputation.

What we are doing on campus
Our Business Financial Services (BFS) and Information Technology Services (ITS) are working together to lead the way in our compliance.

For more information on our PCI DSS compliance efforts, please contact Mark D. Gonzales, Information Security Manager

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