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Information Security

Protect Yourself and the Campus

Protecting ourselves means protecting our personally identifiable information (PII), our protected health information (PHI), and our campus intellectual property from theft and damage caused by bad actors.  In today’s world, it’s become imperative that we all play a role and take responsibility in protecting ourselves and our data.

To help in this effort, our CSU Pueblo Information Technology Services (ITS) department has created this website where we’ll learn about social engineering scams like Phishing emails, Vishing phone calls, Smishing text messages, and even more sophisticated cybersecurity attacks like Ransomware, Data breaches/leaks, or other malware designed to steal our campus data or our personal data.


Did you know the average person has over 100 passwords online? Here’s an easy tip: a Password Manager can do all the managing of strong, unique passwords for each account.





Phishing and Ransomware

Phishing and Ransomware: Think before you click 

Phishing is when criminals use fake emails to lure you into clicking on them and handing over your personal information, or installing malware (software with bad intent) on your device. Ransomware is a type of malware and just as it sounds, once installed, it will hold your system hostage for ransom. However, it's easy to avoid phishing and ransomware once you know what to look for.


Multi-Factor Authentication


Did You Get A Suspicious Email??

Reporting Emails through Microsoft 365

1. Open the malicious email message (do not click on any links within the message). 
2. At the top of the message, click on Report Message.
3. Click on the appropriate malicious email type (e.g. Phishing).
Visit the link below for visual instructions.  

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