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InfoSec Awareness

There is a new scam going around where a bad actor will file an unemployment claim in Colorado using a legitimate employee’s personal information. The claim gets paid out before the employer or employee is made aware.

Security Awareness Episode 1: Passwords


Remember, our campus email is setup to notify you that all outside email is delivered with a  Gold Banner with the title "***CAUTION: THIS MESSAGE ORIGINATED OUTSIDE OF THE CSU PUEBLO EMAIL SYSTEM***".  This Email Caution Banner lets us know to be careful with hyperlinks and attachments.


Keeping Passwords Safe

Remembering passwords is tough.  Remembering strong passwords is even tougher. Check out KeePass, a secure database tool to make passwords secure and accessible.

11 Cyber Defense Tips to Stay Secure at Work and Home

Shifting from our normal work office environment to our home office has become the new normal for many of us while we work through this COVID-19 pandemic.  Some of us are working from home for the first time, which means it might also be new to some of us on how to keep our new home office safe from cyber criminals. 


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