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Reinstatement, Taxes and Visas


in order to obtain the appropriate student visa (F-1), please take the following documents to an American Consulate:

  1. Colorado State University Pueblo acceptance letter
  2. I-20 Form
  3. Financial guarantee documents
  4. Proof of SEVIS fee payment

After presenting the above-listed materials to the Consulate agent, the visa stamp should be placed on a valid passport and may expire around the time of graduation. Do not be concerned with the expiration date, only with obtaining the F-1 visa.   “Colorado State University Pueblo” should be listed under the Visa Annotation.  The documents must also be presented upon entrance into the United States. Make certain to use the CSU Pueblo I-20 Form to study at our institution. 

Canadian students can receive F-1 visas at the USA border by simply presenting the above-listed documents to an Immigration inspector. 

Do not attempt to obtain a visitor’s visa for entrance into the United States. All persons, intending to be students, must have an F-1. A successful change of visa from a B-1/B-2 (or any other American visa) to an F-1 cannot be guaranteed following arrival in the United States. 


Failure to abide by the regulations under Maintenance of Status will result in the need to apply to the Bureau of Citizenship & Immigration Services (BCIS) and request for reinstatement.

A request for reinstatement to F-1 visa status MAY be approved under the following circumstances:

  1. Demonstrating that failure to maintain status was due to circumstances beyond control and that failure to be reinstated will result in extreme hardship.
  2. Providing a valid I-20 Form showing intention to engage in full-time study.
  3. Working without BCIS approval while out-of-status has not occurred.
  4. There is no other reason for being deported then those listed under Maintenance of Status for F-1 visa holders.

Please visit the International Student Advisor when concerned about being out-of-status to discuss the current Reinstatement process and seek advice regarding new application.


All non-resident immigrants who are present in the United States 180 days or more within one calendar year are required to file income tax returns for that year. This remains true even if no American-based income was earned/financial aid received within that same period of time.

All American-based scholarship funding is considered income and must be declared. Although most scholarships, including the IA Grant, are tax free, verification of such must be provided with your income tax returns. Also, if a student's home country has a current tax treaty agreement with the United States, income tax obligations may be reduced.

Visit the International Student Advisor at CSU Pueblo for the appropriate forms to complete for income tax purposes.

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