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Campus Safety

Public and campus safety is a top priority

If you think that you are in danger or at risk of being harmed, immediately call 911 or the Security and Law Enforcement Office at 719.549.2373.

University public safety and law enforcement is provided by the Pueblo County Sheriff's office. In addition to county resources, our campus law enforcement maintains high visibility on campus.

Dangerous Person Campus Announcement

Robert Killis headshot

Dangerous Person Campus Announcement

Pueblo County Sherriff's Office Release

Update: October 7th

CSU Pueblo is notifying the campus community that Robert Killis posted bond and was released on October 7 at approximately 9:30 p.m. from Pueblo County Jail. Killis was arrested on September 21 and charged for possession of weapons on campus. CSU Pueblo continues to work closely with the Pueblo County Sheriff’s Office.

A temporary civil protection order and a no trespass on campus warning has been issued for Robert Killis prohibiting him from being on university owned and leased property. If seen on campus, call 911 immediately. Do not attempt to make contact with him if you see him.

Campus Announcement

Robert Killis, a member of the CSU Pueblo campus community, was arrested on a weapons violation on campus. If you see this person on campus, please call 911 immediately.

CSU Pueblo received information from the Pueblo County Sheriff’s Office that threats were made by Killis. He is not permitted on campus and is considered dangerous. Do not attempt to make contact with him if you see him on campus. There will be increased law enforcement presence at CSU Pueblo.

CSU Pueblo Alert bulletin can be found below:

Access Bulletin

If you have any information related to this investigation, please contact the Pueblo County Sheriff’s Office at 719-583-6400.

This may be triggering information. If you are in need of counseling during this time, please contact the CSU Pueblo Counseling Center at 719-549-2838 which is available 24/7. The CSU Pueblo Counseling Center is located in the Center for Integrated Health and Human Inquiry in Room 174.

Questions regarding this incident:

  • ​​Community and parents can be directed to the Chief of Staff, Niki Toussaint at 719-549-2951
  • Students can be directed to the Senior Associate Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students, Marie Humphrey at 719-549-2919
  • Media inquiries can be directed to Director of Communications/Public Information Officer, Haley Sue Robinson at 719-549-2284 

General Safety Tips

  • Be aware of your surroundings, including people, visualize potential exit routes from an event or location in case of emergencies.  Be familiar with safe and direct routes to campus destinations.
  • Try not to walk alone after dark. If you do, try to utilize well-lit and populated routes on campus.
  • Keep emergency numbers in cell phone or by your landline phone, including that of campus safety, and health services.
  • Trust your instincts, especially when you feel that something is "not right."
  • Be aware of what you post on the internet, especially online social networks like Facebook and Twitter. You can never be sure of who is viewing your personal information or pictures - stalkers, employers, recruiters, or family.
  • Do not prop open campus building doors, especially residential buildings. Remove props and report the problem to an RA or campus safety. 
  • Do not accept drinks from strangers as they could be easily contaminated with a drug.
  • Try to avoid being alone in areas of campus that can often be empty or isolated such as basement laundry rooms, study lounges, etc.
  • If you notice another person in danger, follow your school's safety and security procedures and call 911. Do not engage another person who has a weapon or involve yourself in a fight.

We offer a variety of services to ensure the safety of everyone at the University:

  • Walkthroughs: CSU-Pueblo Security conducts frequent high-visibility and nightly security walkthroughs on campus and in the residence halls.
  • Safe-Walks: Any member of the CSU-Pueblo community may call a deputy or campus service officer to accompany them to a specific building or to their vehicle. This service is available by calling 719.549.2373 any time of day, any day of the year.
  • All residence hall lobby doors are locked each night and floors are only accessible with a student’s floor key.
  • Emergencies (from any pay phone or cell phone): 911
  • Emergencies (from a campus phone): dial 8, then 911
  • Pueblo County Sheriff's Office on campus: 719.549.2373
  • CSU-Pueblo Operator: 719.549.2100
  • Campus Safe Walks: 719.549.2373

Spring 2022 Registration is Open

To register for Spring 2022 courses, students will need to meet with their academic success coach or faculty mentor, submit proof of vaccination or exemption, and self-register through Banner.

Registration Requirements

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CARES Funding

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CARES Funding is available for eligible students to help pay for cost of attendance needs such as food, housing, childcare, health care, course materials, technology, tuition assistance, and other critical needs.

Pueblo County Sheriff's Office at CSU-Pueblo

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