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Why Apply?

Students in Upward Bound are four times more likely to earn an undergraduate degree than those students from similar backgrounds who did not participate in Upward Bound!​

Eligibility Criteria

Upward Bound participants must be a current high school student attending one of the following area high schools:

  • Centennial High School
  • Central High School
  • East High School
  • Pueblo County High School

Students must also be a member of a family in which neither parent holds a college degree, and meet low-income status as defined by federal low income levels.

Student must have and maintain a GPA (grade point average) between 2.5 and 3.0 in core classes.

Upward Bound participants must be between the ages of 13 (completed the 8th grade) and 19.

To apply to our program, please fill out and return

Upward Bound


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