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Educational Opportunity Center

Your first step towards higher education!

The TRIO EOC's is a federally funded grant program sponsored by Colorado State University-Pueblo that assists adults, high school students, and veterans in gaining access to higher education. The program focuses on first-generation college students and individuals from low-income families. EOC does not recruit for any college and provides assistance regardless of where you would like to attend.


    EOC can help you:

    • Answer questions about college
    • Identify colleges that meet your needs
    • Apply for financial aid
    • Complete college applications
    • Find scholarships
    • Transfer from a two-year to four-year college
    • Locate college preparation and support programs
    • Obtain college application fee waivers
    • Acquire student loan default rehabilitation
    • Enroll in a GED program

    All services are free!

How To Apply

  • In order to receive services from the TRIO Educational Opportunity Center (EOC) you must complete a program application and be accepted into the program.

    Step 1

    • Determine whether you meet the program’s eligibility requirements​. These are outlined on the Eligibility Requirements page or you may contact EOC directly.

    Step 2

    • Complete the program application

    Step 3

    Submit your program application to it to EOC. The application can be delivered by:
    • Clicking the Submit button at the end of the application and the application will be emailed to the EOC Central Office
    • Printing a copy and bringing it to an EOC Office
    • Mailing it to an EOC Office

    If you​ are not sure how to answer any questions on the application you can leave the question blank and discuss it with your EOC Advisor.  


    Step 4

    Meet with an EOC advisor to review and sign your application either in person or online. Generally you will begin receiving EOC services during this meeting. Please note that the "Submit" button on the form above will not work properly without Adobe X.




    U.S. Citizen or Permanent Resident

    • or provide evidence from the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services of intent to become a permanent resident. Permanent residents of Guam, the Northern Marina Islands, Palau, Federated States of Micronesia or the Republic of the Marshall Islands also meet this requirement.

    Reside in TRIO EOC’s service area

    • or attend college within the service area.

    High school age or older

    Desire to attend college


    Priority Given To:

    First-Generation College Students,

    (Note: EOC serves a limited number of individuals who are not first-generation college students or low-income.)
    Please contact TRIO EOC if you have any questions about eligibility.

    Apply Now!​

New Summer School Opportunities

Summer School Opportunities
  • Increased work-study jobs and Pell Grants
  • Housing and out-of-state tuition discounts
  • More online and face-to-face Gen Ed courses
  • See your advisor to enroll today!

Educational Opportunity Center


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