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Procurement Card

Welcome to the Purchasing Department's Procurement Card (P-CARD) Information Site. The University's P-CARD Program Administrator is Chris Fendrich.

When Ordering a PCard, you will need to fill out the following and have your supervisor sign:


To Keep Track of Pcard transactions, you may want to use:

If a violation has occurred, or if a receipt, etc. has been lost please fill out the following (send originals to Purchasing a keep a copy in your Pcard book):

Cardholder Training

Current Cardholders, please contact the Purchasing Department for any refresher training that you may need. All NEW cardholders will be contacted upon approval of card application and receipt of card, to sign up for a scheduled training. Cardholders, as well as their approvers (if applicable) must attend a training session prior to receiving the Pcard. Please see below for scheduled training:

PCard training will be held the 3rd Thursday of every month at 9:30am

Travel card training will be held the 3rd Thursday of every month at 2:00pm

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Registration is Open

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Registration for both summer and fall courses is open for continuing students. Students can register for classes in self-service Banner or reference the following instructions and resources.

Procurement Card


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