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Denver Scholarship Foundation

About the Denver Scholarship Foundation

The Denver Scholarship Foundation (DSF) is a 501(c) (3) nonprofit whose mission is to inspire and empower Denver Public School students to achieve their postsecondary educational goals by providing the tools, knowledge and financial resources essential for success. To learn more about DSF:

DSF's Partnership with CSU Pueblo

The partnership provides a strong support network for student success through student participation in the Colorado Opportunity Scholarship Initiative (COSI) program.

CSU Pueblo's first DSF Graduate

Jazmine Wells
"Attending Colorado State University Pueblo was my first choice when considering what school I would like to pursue my college career, and I still believe it to be my best choice. The moment I started classes at CSU Pueblo I began to grow. I found myself in the skills, professionalism, and knowledge I was presented with. The faculty and staff at CSU Pueblo continuously awarded me with great opportunities, and wanting to give back to my school I continuously accepted them. When Joseph Marshall offered me a position with the Denver Scholarship Foundation I knew it was one door I could not allow to close. The Denver Scholarship Foundation not only provided me with a reliable, and helpful scholarship, but they provided me with a job. I fell in love with my position as a Peer Tutor-Mentor; it became a part of who I am because it was created for students who are like me. Among many other things DSF also offers support financially, mentally, and more than anything genuinely. As a recipient of the Denver Scholarship I never had to stress over my finances and was able to focus more on my education. I was also able to reach out to other students and be a great role model. I owe my current success as an early graduate and my future success as a graduate student to CSU Pueblo and The Denver Scholarship Foundation."

Student Success Requirements


    Required Workshops

    DSF students are required to participate in three COSI workshops per academic year to continue receiving their scholarship. Contact Riane Sisk for more information on workshops


    Tutoring Sessions

    All first-time freshman DSF students, DSF students who are on academic warming, or DSF students who are on academic watch are required to attend three tutoring sessions per academic year.  Contact Riane Sisk for more information on how to set up tutoring appointments


    Check-in Meetings

    All DSF students are required to meet with the DSF Advisor, Riane Sisk twice a semester for check-in meetings.

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