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Accounts Payable

Payment Request

Requisitions are created by the ordering department. Upon approval by Purchasing, the requisition is becomes a Purchase order. The final, itemized invoice can then be submitted to Accounts Payable for processing.

Remember that a payment request:

  1. Is not a purchasing function, but merely an electronic payment processing function within the KFS system, and are always subject to approval by the Accounts Payable section.
  2. Must have appropriate documentation.
  3. Must have a purchase order, (created through a requisition in Purchasing), for all goods and services over $500.00. All exceptions must be approved in writing by Purchasing.
  4. Should never be processed "after the fact" for goods and services. All documentation and appropriate purchase order numbers must be included when requesting the payment.
  5. Cannot be requested using a quote, statement, or order. Only final, itemized vendor invoices are valid.
  6. Are subject to 3-5 business day processing by once received by Accounts Payable. 5-7 Business days during high volume seasons.

Disbursement Vouchers

Disbursement vouches are created in KFS for orders that do not require Purchase orders. Goods and Services that are under $500 should be verified by the Purchasing department to avoid a disapproval.

Disbursement vouchers should be submitted with valid forms and finalized invoices as backup documentation. Quotes, statements and orders are not permitted. Final approval is issued by Accounts Payable.

Inter-Departmental Vouchers

Inter-departmental vouchers (IDV's) are between two departments on campus. There are two types: Internal Billing and Distribution of Income and Expense.

Internal Billing are purchases of goods or services by one department from another. There is a Selling Department who will record income and a Buying Department who will record an expense. The form is 3-ply and can be obtained from the Accounts Payable Office. The buying and selling departments should fill out account numbers in full (Account number-Object code) before sending the IDV to Accounts Payable.

Object Codes for the Selling Department should begin with 48xx and object codes for the Buying Department should begin with 6xxx. Be sure authorized signatures have been completed. When completed, the white copy should be sent to Accounts Payable along with all supporting documentation. The seller copy and buyer copy stays in the respective departments for their files. Documentation must show the transaction in its entirety and validate the move. Accounts payable will enter the charges into KFS using an Internal Billing document. The charges will show on your month-end Detail Budget Report.

Distribution of Income and Expenses are used when one department is transferring income OR expense FROM their account TO another department's account. The 3-ply form can be obtained from Accounts Payable. Both departments should fill out account numbers in full (account number-object code). The object codes should match on each side this document.

Be sure authorized signatures have been completed. When completed, the white copy of the –ply form should be sent to Accounts Payable along with the supporting documentation. Documentation should show where the income/expense currently resides and why it is moving. Accounts payable will enter the charges into KFS using a Distribution of Income and Expense document and they will appear on your month-end Detail Budget Report.


Travel Credit Card

Departments that travel frequently for University business should apply (through Purchasing) for a University travel card. Charges for travel including meals, hotels, car rental, etc. can and should be charged to the Travel Card. The department is responsible for their department travel card. Any reimbursement not made on a travel card will be made to the employee via a travel reimbursement. All receipts for non-per diem meals, hotels, car rental, parking, taxi, etc., that are not charges to the department travel card can be submitted for reimbursement.

Travel Authorization/Travel Advances

Travel authorizations are mandatory for all out of state travel, or for any trip requiring a travel advance. Travel Authorizations and Travel Advances are submitted through KFS and are subject to approval before travel takes place or begins. Blanket travel forms are completed for all in state travel and are kept on file in Accounts Payable.

Travel Reimbursements

The University's policy is to reimburse employees for necessary and reasonable travel expenses incurred for authorized and approved University business. Travelers should be comfortable while traveling, understand all travel related policies, and be able obtain reimbursement quickly. Upon completion of travel, a travel reimbursement must be submitted in KFS to obtain reimbursement for approved travel expenses within 60 days of travel or the reimbursement becomes taxable income for the traveler.

Airline tickets purchased for approved travel by University employees must be purchased through our state approved travel agencies. New Horizons is the only approved travel agent as of 2020. To purchase airline tickets an approved travel authorization must be complete and final and the T-number must be referenced when booking airfare. The agencies will then charge the tickets to our University Ghost Credit Card and payment will be made on behalf of the traveler and charged to the department accordingly through a Service Billing at the time of the credit card reconciliation.

Any airline tickets purchased through any means other than the approved travel agency must be priced lower than the quoted price provided by the travel agency. If the quoted price is lower than the personally obtained ticket, is subject to reimbursement at the quoted price by the travel agent. Travel related policies can be obtained through the Colorado State Travel Management Program website here:

Official Function Forms

All requests for state funds that are used for food, meetings, or beverages need to be accompanied by an Official Function Form. The form must be filled out and sent for proper approval before the event. If you personally have paid for expenses at a function, the Official Function Form will be sent back to you to be attached with your receipts to a requisition requesting reimbursement.

If an event was done on campus - the Official Function Form will be sent to Auxiliary Services for completion of the transaction. Generally any food, beverage or meeting expenses on campus are covered by the rules for official functions and require higher level approval of Responsible Approver.

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