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CSU Pueblo CyberWolves Dominate 4th Annual MWCC, Securing Top Honor in Cyber Security Excellence

Release Date: December 11, 2023

Gena Alfonso

Director of Communications/PIO

Marketing, Communications, Community Relations

(719) 671-0929

CSU Pueblo Cyberwolves students

CSU Pueblo's CyberWolves, a nationally ranked cyber security team, secured the top spot at the Mountain West Cyber Challenge on December 2nd, 2023. The competition featured 35 teams with a total of 130 participants. The CSU Pueblo CyberWolves Red Team secured the coveted first position, replicating their outstanding performance from the 2020 MWCC games. Additionally, CSU Pueblo's Team Purple and NOOBs Team also demonstrated their expertise, earning placements among the top 35 teams in this highly competitive event.

CSU Pueblo's CyberWolves Red Team achieved an impressive score of 1850 points, significantly surpassing the second-closest contender who accumulated a total of 1150 points. The competition entailed a rigorous 7-hour round of Cyber Security Capture the Flag (CTF). Noteworthy is the fact that this event was conducted entirely online, leveraging Deloitte's esteemed Cyber CTF platform as the host. This competition is another excellent opportunity for students to obtain real-world hands-on cybersecurity experience in a variety of areas such as web security, network security, cryptography, reverse engineering and others.

The CyberWolves, a dedicated student organization committed to advancing cyber security expertise and cultivating both defensive and offensive security skill sets, actively participates in individual and team-based cyber security competitions. By engaging in these competitions, CyberWolves seek to acquire valuable workplace experience and establish connections with peers in the cyber security domain.

Notably, the CyberWolves have achieved a prominent national ranking, reaching as high as #3 among their peers in the competitive landscape of cyber security teams. This accomplishment emphasizes their commitment to excellence and highlights their ongoing contributions to the dynamic field of cyber security.

Next year's event will be the 5th Annual MWCC competition on the first Saturday in December 2024.

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