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October 2023 Board of Governors Update

Release Date: October 06, 2023

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The Colorado State University System Board of Governors Meeting was held October 5th and 6th at Colorado State University in Fort Collins. Several key updates and initiatives were discussed, providing a comprehensive overview of the system's status and future.

On Wednesday, October 4th, Colorado State University held the Investiture Ceremony where the chair of the CSU System Board of Governors, Armando Valdez officially declared Amy Parsons as the 16th president of Colorado State University and she was presented with the official President’s medallion and mace. Campus and community leaders from across the state were in attendance, including CSU Pueblo Provost, Dr. Gail Mackin, VP of Operations and Advancement, Dr. Donna Souder Hodge, and Director of Marketing, Gena Alfonso. Read more about President Parsons’ Investiture Ceremony and CSU Fall address here.


President Amy Parsons and CSU Pueblo President Timothy Mottet presented their preliminary enrollment updates for Fall 2023 on Thursday. Both campuses saw increases in diverse and first-generation students this fall, reflecting CSU’s long-standing commitment to making education affordable and accessible. The CSU System has invested $11.2 million in the Fort Collins and Pueblo campuses over a three-year period (beginning in 2021) to support student success, close equity gaps, and increase retention and graduation rates.

Total enrollment at CSU Pueblo increased to 3,657, a 3.6% increase over last year, and continued progress in the University’s goal of enrolling 4,000 students. The University’s freshman retention rate is up 2 percentage points from last year, as more students continued onto their sophomore year.

CSU Pueblo welcomed 982 new freshman and transfer students this fall, with an undergraduate enrollment increase of 4%. Enrollment of first-generation students is up to 42.2% from 40.3% of last year’s entering class. The campus saw strong increases in graduate student enrollment, including a more than 90% bump in doctoral students thanks to a new Doctor of Education degree program, launched in January 2023, that hosts a cohort of 31 students. The Master of Education program also saw record enrollment this fall.

The enrollment reports presented this week to the Board of Governors are preliminary. Final enrollment reports will be delivered to the Board of Governors at its December meeting.

Read the full enrollment release here.


Provost Dr. Gail Macken discussed Academics and Student Support and noted that the implementation of new analytics in Starfish will assist CSU Pueblo faculty and advisors in identifying students in need of additional support.

Dr. Marie Humphrey presented the Student Affairs annual report, and a strong emphasis was placed on student-centeredness and holistic support, and efforts are being made to ensure inclusive accessibility in Disability Resources and Support. She emphasized that students should feel comfortable seeking the support they need to be successful at CSU Pueblo.


Information about the SCITT (Southern Colorado Institute for Transportation and Technology) was shared, highlighting its potential impact on job creation and development in the region, with funding anticipated from grants.


Governor Kenzo Kawanabe, Director of the Audit and Finance Committee, presented updates on university audit reports, which included eight recommendations that were made for Pack athletics, three of which were considered high risk that have been remediated.

The budget process for the year, to be finalized in June, was discussed. There were two scenarios considered regarding tuition: keeping it at a 0% increase or implementing a 3% increase. The importance of prioritizing employee compensation was highlighted, with an acknowledgment that adjustments to other areas may be necessary to achieve this goal.


CSU Pueblo ASG President, Gavin Graham provided his report that emphasized diversity and achievements within the current student government, the fundraising and Canvas Credit Union matching funds initiative for Pack Pantry, and the recent visit by the Department of Education Undersecretary James Kvaal. Graham also provided acknowledgments to several members of his current administration, the Student Engagement and Leadership Marketing team, and Dr. Victoria Obregon for her tireless work that supports student persistence.

The faculty report, presented by Dr. Jon Pluskota, covered faculty accomplishments, compensation, and workload concerns. There was also discussion about equity in pay and support for faculty and staff.

President Timothy Mottet discussed enrollment and retention statistics and the incremental improvement, with an emphasis on the fact that we need to sustain this upward trajectory.

The introduction of Dr. Gail Mackin and support for her leadership was highlighted. Collaboration with other institutions, such as Ft. Collins, was discussed, and recognition was given to the VP of Student Affairs, Dr. Humphrey. The ICR Report showcased funding distribution for cannabis research to top researchers throughout the state.

In response to inquiries from Board members regarding his time at CSU Pueblo and the factors contributing to the gradual increase in enrollment, Mottet emphasized the significance of implementing leadership changes, making policy adjustments, and investing in both enrollment and retention as key drivers for the continued growth and success of CSU Pueblo. He mentioned the recent work of Dr. Kristyn White Davis and her teams in Enrollment and Extended Studies, as well as the work done by Dr. Marie Humphrey and her team in Student Affairs, which provides support to our current students. Mottet stated there are still changes to be made but we are making important moves in the right direction.

Members of the Board of Governors offered praise to President Mottet for his leadership and tenure at CSU Pueblo and noted that proper gratitude and acknowledgements will be provided at the December Board of Governors meeting in Denver.


CSU Pueblo has been selected as a partner in the Internet Exchange Point (IXP) project being developed and implemented by Connected Nation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, working to expand broadband access across the country and close the “digital divide.” This exchange point would improve access to high-speed internet in Pueblo and rural communities in southern Colorado. It would be the only exchange point south of Denver and North of Dallas enhancing accessibility to this valuable resource and improving services in areas where they are currently unstable.

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