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Cyber Wolves at NCL Cyber Security Games

Release Date: December 09, 2019

Students in computer lab

Congratulations to the CSU-Pueblo CyberWolves Cyber Security teams for another great national performance at the recent NCL (National Cyber League) Cyber Security Games.

This Fall, CSU-Pueblo and HSB sponsored four NCL (National Cyber League) teams at the NCL cyber security games. Once again, our CSU-Pueblo players did a great job, placing nationally:

  1. CSU-Pueblo RED Team - ranked #7 (Gold Bracket) overall out of 781 total U.S. university and college cyber teams (top 1% in the U.S.)
  2. CSU-Pueblo BLUE Team-ranked #45 out of 242 teams in the Silver Bracket (top 18.5%)
  3. CSU-Pueblo PURPLE Team- ranked #13 out of 344 teams in the Bronze Bracket (top 4%)
  4. CSU-Pueblo GREEN Team (New) - ranked 30 of 344 teams in the Bronze Bracket (top 8.8%)

Of note is that the nationally ranked University of Arizona's MIS/Cyber Security graduate program sponsored (for the first time) a NCL Cyber team composed of our very own former CSU-Pueblo CIS/Cyber Security graduates, Johua Greer and Gabriela Garcia and their UA team ranked #74 nationally.

Congrats to our wonderful CSU-Pueblo CyberWolves!

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