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Vision 2028

Release Date: October 12, 2018

Greg Hoye

Executive Director, Marketing, Communication & Community Relations

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Vision 2028

PUEBLO – CSU-Pueblo president, Timothy Mottet reveals a bold new vision that repositions the university as the people’s university. Vision 2028 honors the city it is located in and reclaims a label once used to describe regional comprehensive universities. According to CSU-Pueblo President, Timothy Mottet, “Our new vision recommits us to people and community, which reflects our DNA and provides us with an opportunity to reimagine what a university and community can accomplish together. We want our partnership to reposition us in Colorado and the Southwest United States by 2028, which is home to 90% of our students. It’s going to take a decade to transform the university.”

OUR VISION: To establish Colorado State University-Pueblo as the people’s university of the Southwest United States by 2028.

The CSU System Board of Governors anticipates receiving a multi-level funding strategy from CSU-Pueblo once an implementation plan for the new vision is in place. This plan will include system monies, external investments, internal realignments, comprehensive campaign support, and other opportunities for long-term investment in CSU-Pueblo’s growth. Tony Frank, Chancellor for the Colorado State University System, is enthusiastic about the future of CSU-Pueblo. He explains, “I am very excited about the new CSU-Pueblo vision and mission. Being the people’s university for the state of Colorado and across the Southwest United States is both ambitious and inspiring—two qualities I respect in the vision moving forward.”

With a new vision and mission in place, Mottet believes that the implementation process will differentiate the campus in a crowded higher education marketplace and allow CSU-Pueblo to take a leading role in creating a university-going culture in southern Colorado. “Work is our heritage in Pueblo and on our campus. As an integral part of the Colorado State University System, we must take a lead in helping the state of Colorado serve its citizens and begin to close the attainment gap for our first generation, minority students — the fastest growing population in the state,” said President Mottet.

OUR MISSION: CSU-Pueblo’s success will be measured by the resilience, agility, and problem-solving abilities of our diverse student population, and the ways in which our graduates are able to navigate work in a rapidly changing world.

“This is an exciting time to be a part of CSU-Pueblo,” says Donna Souder Hodge, architect of the #VISION2028 process and former Special Assistant to the President for Visioning. In an expanded role as the university’s Executive Director for Organizational Development, Donna and a team will work with campus stakeholders and community partners in order to move campus visioning forward while continuing ongoing, proactive work on grant-funded projects, programs, and capacity-building initiatives for CSU-Pueblo.

According to Souder Hodge, “We have not only identified opportunities for improvement and advancement, we have generated buy-in and participation from stakeholders on our campus and throughout the region. We envision our campus being a change agent for regional comprehensive, Hispanic Serving Institutions across higher education and for southern Colorado.”  

OUR VALUES: CSU-Pueblo is dedicated to interdisciplinary learning and entrepreneurship that elevate our people and our community, create educational opportunities, foster unique collaborations, and support inclusion, access, and affordability as a gateway to the world.

In order to help students navigate work in a rapidly changing world, CSU-Pueblo is committed to developing systems and competencies that allow students to have a meaningful impact on their work, their families, and their communities. “The new vision strengthens the university’s commitment to Pueblo and the region, and the mission statement provides sharp focus on student success – including the development of much needed entrepreneurial and professional skills,” explains CSU Chancellor Frank.

To find out more about #VISION2028, contact Dr. Donna Souder Hodge Executive Director for Organizational Development, Office of the President, Administration 301, at 719-549-2282, or via email at


Colorado State University - Pueblo is committed to excellence, setting the standard for regional comprehensive universities in teaching, research, and service by providing leadership and access for its region, while maintaining its commitment to diversity.




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