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CSU-Pueblo announces 2016 state History Day qualifiers

Release Date: March 07, 2016

Cora Zaletel

Executive Director, External Affairs

Colorado State University-Pueblo


Press Release

Colorado State University - Pueblo announces 2016 state History Day qualifiers PUEBLO - For the 22th straight year, the History Department at Colorado State University-Pueblo hosted the Southeastern Colorado History Day Regional Competition and announces the qualifiers to the National History Day in Colorado State Competition at University of Colorado-Denver on April 30.

Approximately 185 students competed in this event where middle and high school students from southeastern Colorado researched and created projects based on an annual theme, Exploration, Encounter, Exchange in History. The event was held on Saturday, March 5 on the CSU-Pueblo campus with special awards presented to students who displayed excellence based on theme or specifications of awards.
The following special awards were presented to:

Best project on local history, a prize from Historic Pueblo, Inc.:

  1. Grace Keilbach and Grace Gonzales for their documentary, Kolorado Klan.

Best project on Colorado history: prize by El Pueblo Museum and the Los Amigos Volunteer Organization:

  1. Alexandra Chavez-Gonzales, Jessica Granata, and Paige Hand for their Senior website: The Ludlow Massacre: Twenty Dead, Thousands Outraged.

Honorable Mention - Websites ( Amazon gift card, donated by Stephen Hodge)

  1. Ashtyn Austin and Brooke Jensen, for the website, "Women's Suffrage: Encountering New Found Rights."
  2. Kaitlyn Cozzolino for her project, "From Potato Farms to the White House: Irish Immigrants Encounter Life in America."

Honorable Mention - Exhibits (3), ( Amazon gift card, donated by Stephen Hodge)

  1. Aryanna Gallegos and Madison Thatcher, for their exhibit, "Vietnam: The Catastrophic, Imperialistic Event That Forever Shook a Nation."
  2. Luke Hawkins for his exhibit: "Tomato, Tomahto, Tomatl: The Vegetable that Revolutionized."
  3. Abigail Raio for her exhibit: "Agent Zigzag: Exploring Espionage and Deceptive Encounters of WWII."

The following students, winners in the Junior and Senior Divisions at our regional History Day Competition, advance to the state competition at the University of Colorado, Denver on April 30. The top two state qualifiers in each category (about 60 students) are invited to the National History Day competition at the University of Maryland, College Park, where they will compete with students from across the nation, June 12-16, 2016. Third-place finishers serve as alternates at the national competition if the first-place or second-place finishers are not able to attend.

Junior Division Paper - Individuals

  1. Joli Dou, Connect, "Encountering the "Speckled Monster": How Small Pox Decimated Native America Cultures."
  2. Adam Smith, Connect, "Encountering Diversity on the Field: How Baseball Shaped America."
  3. Makenzie Webster, Connect, "A Great Calamity: The Irish Encounter with Potato Blight."

Senior Division Paper - Individuals

  1. Claire Duffee, Pueblo West High School, "Jazz in American Culture: Exploring, Encountering, and Exchanging Progressivism in Society."
  2. Marie Moore, Pueblo West High School, "Plimoth: Encountering and Exploring a New Passage f Freedom, Life, and Exchanging Ideas."
  3. Wade Yoder, Karval High School, "Steel, Sickness, and Strife: How the Spanish Annihilated the Incas."

Junior Division - Documentary - Individual

  1. Jenna Kristan, Connect, "Encountering Racism and Exploring Voting Rights through the Selma to Montgomery Marches."
  2. Chloe Foust, Connect, "The Montgomery Bus Boycott: Encountering Injustice and Exploring Desegregation in Montgomery, Ala."
  3. Kade Poteet-Herrera, Connect, "Voyager: The Exploration of Our Solar System and Deep Space."

Senior Division - Documentary - Individual

  1. Cole Fisher, PWHS, "Exploration of Rock and Roll."

Junior Division- Documentary - Group

  1. Austin Allenback and Connor Huth, Connect, "Apollo 11: Encountering One Giant Leap for Mankind."
  2. Melina Faris, Nealy Koncilja, and Taylor Uhlman, Connect, "Housto we've Had a Problem: Apollo 13 Encounters a ‘Successful Failure.'"
  3. Tyler Ashcraft and Noah Hite, Connect, "The Freedom Riders' Encounters with Violence on their Journey to End Segregation."

Senior Division- Documentary - Group

  1. Reilly Spence and Hannah Taylor, PWHS, "Encountering America: The Irish Journey to Freedom."
  2. Nicole Friend and Aidan Marquez, PWHS, "Philanthropy in Exchange of Life."
  3. Zach Adams, Gaige Graham, and Daniel Sun, PWHS, "Andrew Carnegie: Philanthropy in Exchange of Life."

Junior Division - Exhibits - Individual

  1. Cole Johnson, Connect, "They Call Me HERO: Penkovsky's Exchange of Intel that Lifted the Iron Curtain."
  2. Sherri Wood, Connect, "The Seeing Eye: Exchanging Disabilities for a Partnership with Independence."
  3. Marianna Benitez, Connect, "D-Day Deception: Garbo's Exploration of Personal and Political Boundaries."

Senior Division - Exhibits - Individual

  1. Janaya Marsh, PWHS, "The World's Blind Eye: Rwandad's Genocide of 1994."
  2. Joel Potter, PWHS, "The Exploration of the Bessemer Process: Building to New Heights."
  3. Shae Wheeler, PWHS, "Devil's Music."

Junior Division - Exhibits - Group

  1. Morgan Monack, Aria Pasquin, and Salem Simerville, Connect, "Exploration of Dog Training Sets Up ‘Seeing Eye' Exchange."
  2. Salma Martinez, Brianna Meyers, Rachel Paolucci, and Anna Smith, Connect, "Louis Braille: Personal Exploration Opens World for the Blind."
  3. John Fonseca, Collin Koonce, Aidan Martinez, and Brock Roman, Connect, "James Hanger: Civil War Encounter Impacts Worldwide Prosthetics."

Senior Division - Exhibits - Group

  1. Kelcie Biondolillo and Ashley Hatch, PWHS, "Listening into the Radio."
  2. Brieanna Gillium, Elizabeth Fritch, Lauren Kleven, and Robert Lundberg, Pueblo South High, "Mansa Musa."
  3. Julian Beai and Mikayla Lerch, PWHS, "Child Labor in ‘Hine' Sight."

Junior Division - Website - Individual

  1. Justin Shure, Connect, "Protecting ‘La Familia': The Exploration and Encounters of Italians in America."
  2. Lauren Sandoval, Pueblo School for Arts and Sciences, "Human Experiments."
  3. Leah Cordova, Connect, "The Alaska Highway: Exploration of Unmapped Territory and Encounter with Unknown Conditions."

Junior Division - Website - Group

  1. Neela Ropp and Annie Wright, Connect, "The Exxon Valdez Oil Spill: Encounter of 11 Million Gallons of Oil."
  2. Maya Romero and Nadia Tapia, PSAS, "Social Media."
  3. Lance Berg and Joshua Zupan, Connect, "Ellis Island: Encounter and Exchange Through the Golden Door."

Senior Division - Website - Individual

  1. Bryce Hill, PWHS, "Unraveling Life's Building Blocks - Discovering the Double Helix."
  2. Riley McAndrews, PWHS, "The First Monopoly in Exchange and Exploration: The Dutch East India Company and its Effects on Multinational Trade."
  3. Noah Grady, PWHS, "Exploration: NASA and its Successes at Reaching for the Stars."

Senior Division - Website - Group

  1. Ryan Clough, Corey McCarthy, Gabriel Murdock, and Austin Shaw, PWHS, "Apollo 11: A Journey to the Unknown."
  2. Aleandra Chavez-Gonzales, Jessica Granata, and Paige Hand, PWHS, span.italic{"The Ludlow Massacre: Twenty Dead Thousands Outraged."
  3. Shelby Boitz, Madeline Derting, Shanae Lontine, and Tanara Morrell, PWHS, "Exploration of Eugenics."

Senior Division - Group Performances

  1. Evan Hart, Darby Hodge, Victoria Luke, Lindsay Robinett, and Emma Schwartze, PWHS, "Was Oz Really that Great and Powerful?"

Junior Division - Individual Performances

  1. Zion Becker, Connect, "Zebulon Pike: Encounter with the Spanish."
  2. Victoria Weisz, PSAS, "Man Walks on the Moon."
  3. Caitlin Johnston, Connect, "Mountain Men of the American West: Their Historic Explorations."

Junior Division - Group Performances

  1. Grace Severson, Crystal Wahlen, and Anahi Zambrano, Connect, "Liver Transplantation: Encountering Rejection Advances Medical Exchanges."
  2. Lauren Gallegos, Katie Madic, and Matthew Rivera, Connect, "Christiaan Barnard's Exploration of Heart Transplants: Leads to Positive and Unintended Exchanges."
  3. Libby Gebbink and Bryant Jones, Connect, "America Moves West: Encounters with the Navajo."

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