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CSU-Pueblo announces 2015 state History Day qualifiers

Release Date: March 03, 2015

Cora Zaletel

Executive Director, External Affairs

Colorado State University-Pueblo

(719) 549-2810

PUEBLO - For the 21th straight year, the History Department at Colorado State University-Pueblo hosted the Southeastern Colorado History Day Regional Competition and announces the qualifiers to the National History Day in Colorado State Competition at the University of Colorado - Denver on May 2. Approximately 215 students competed in this event where middle and high school students from southeastern Colorado researched and created projects based on an annual theme, Leadership and Legacy in History. The event was held on Saturday, February 28 on the CSU-Pueblo campus with special awards presented to students who displayed excellence based on theme or specifications of awards. The following special awards were presented to:

Best utilizes materials from the CF&I Archives, sponsored by the Steelworks Center of the West, one $50 prize:

Jack Johnson, Emily Norbury, and Sarah Sanchez, Pueblo West High School (PWHS) for their documentary, "Vladimir Putin: Return of the Cold Warrior."

Best Project on Latino History sponsored by the CSU-Pueblo Chicano Studies Department, $50 prize, preference to projects that focus on local or state history:

Perla Trevizo, PWHS, for her exhibit, "Emiliano Zapata: Libertad, Justicia, Y Ley."

Best project on Colorado History: $50 prize, preference to projects that focus on southern Colorado history, sponsored by El Pueblo Museum and the Los Amigos Volunteer Organization:

Katie Peterson, Las Animas High School, for her performance, "Margaret Brown: Beyond the Titanic."

Honorable Mention - Websites

Grant McCafferty, Connect, for his website, "The Leadership and Legacy of Malcolm X: Created a Revolution Within."

Honorable Mention - Documentaries (2)

Dante Bartolo, Brennan Gutierrez, and Nathaniel Romero, Connect, for their documentary, "An Empire Built on a Mouse: The Leadership and Legacy of Walt Disney."

Mariah Keener, Rose Ponce, and Tarie Thompson,

PWHS, for their documentary, "Louis Armstrong: Leadership and Legacy."

Honorable Mention - Exhibits (2)

Brianne Hasui, PWHS, for her exhibit, "The Marvelous Stan Lee."

Dylan Stanley, PWHS. for his exhibit, "John D. Rockefeller: Helping or Hurting America."

The following students, winners in the Junior and Senior Divisions at our regional History Day Competition, advance to the state competition at the University of Denver on May 2. The top two state qualifiers in each category (about 60 students) are invited to the National History Day competition at the University of Maryland near Washington, D. C. where they will compete with students from across the nation.

Junior Division Paper - Individuals

Tie for 1st: Alanna Jackson, Connect, "Renowned Titan: Winston Churchill's Monumental Leadership and Enduring Legacy." Juliet Chi, Connect, "The Leadership of Eleanor Roosevelt and What Her Legacy Wrought."

2nd: Calen Burand, Connect, "Emperor Hirohito: The Leadership of a Pacifist in Disguise, and the Legacy He Left on Japan."

Senior Division Paper - Individuals

1st: Brooke Miller, Las Animas High School, "Marie Curie: Scientist of a Lifetime."

Junior Division - Documentary - Individual

1st: Madalyn Bigley, Connect, "Abraham Lincoln's Leadership in Emancipation and the Legacy in Changing Society." 2nd: Daniel Sun, Connect, "Animating a New Era of Entertainment: The Leadership and Legacy of Walt Disney."

3rd: Logan Martinez, Connect, "The Atomic Legacy: The Presidential Leadership of Harry Truman."

Senior Division - Documentary - Individual

1st: Aaron Lombardi, PWHS, "Franklin Delano Roosevelt,A True Leader."

2nd: Haven Snyder, PWHS, "FDR Documentary."

Junior Division- Documentary - Group

1st: Emma Hollenstine and Mikayla Lerch, Connect, "Soaring Over Communism: Harry S. Truman's Leadership and Legacy." 2nd: Jaylan Gonzalez and Danielle Vigil, Connect, "236 Words: The Leadership and Legacy of Dr. Seuss." 3rd: Emily Eckland and Mikaela Romero, Connect, "The Leadership of Ronald Reagan and the Legacy of Taking Down the Berlin Wall."

Senior Division- Documentary - Group

1st: Reilly Spence and Hannah Taylor, PWHS, "The Flint and Spark: Huey P. Newton and the Black Panthers." 2nd: Jack Johnson, Emily Norbury, and Sarah Sanchez, PWHS, "Vladimir Putin: Return of the Cold Warrior." 3rd: Martin Chrisman, Javon Martinez, and Katie Romero, PWHS, "A Waltz Through Disney's Leadership and Legacy."

Junior Division - Exhibits - Individual

1st: Nicole Buttram, Connect, "Leadership & Legacy,Scott Bone's Decision for a Race Against Diphtheria." 2nd: Amanda Blickensderfer, Connect, "Louis Pasteur: The Leadership and Legacy of a Chemist and His Vaccines." 3rd: Simran Chowdhari, Connect, "Three Sunsets and Three Dawns": A Hero's Legacy Inspires Leadership."

Senior Division - Exhibits - Individual

1st: Mitchell Wagoner, PWHS, "Alan Turing: The Code-Breaker." 2nd: Madison Bradfield, PWHS, "Inez Milholland: Leader and Warrior of the Women's Suffrage Movement." 3rd: Kailey Kieckhafer, PWHS, "Louis Armstrong's Legacy Lives On."

Junior Division - Exhibits - Group

1st: Antonio Le Febre, Zachary Morgan-Reese, Matthew Rivera, and Jeremiah Romero, Connect, "Touching Hearts and Minds: The Leadership and Legacy of Walt Disney." 2nd: Gianna Carleo, Jenna Herrera, Lauren Montoya, and Grace Severson, Connect, "Leadership and Legacy of John Snow: Father of Modern Epidemiology." 3rd: Victoria Arnold, Saylor Dean, Jersey Garoutte, and Abigail Raio, Connect, "Love Everybody: The Gentle Leadership of Jim Henson and the Legacy of the Muppets."

Senior Division - Exhibits - Group

1st: Mikaylin Hackley and Madison Montoya, PWHS, "John Muir Leading an Activist Movement: A Legacy of Preserving National Forests." 2nd: Ian Miles and Emily Astley, PWHS, "History's Greatest General: Hannibal." 3rd: Alondra Denova and Priscilla Sanchez, PWHS, "Amelia Earhart."

Junior Division - Web Page - Individual

1st: Aaron Quizon, Connect, "Marie Curie: Women, Leadership, World Legacy." 2nd: Jake Purkey, Connect, "John Muir: Leadership in Conservation and Legacy in America." 3rd: Andrew Watson III, Connect, "The Leadership and Legacy of Thurgood Marshall and the Case of the Century."

Junior Division - Web Page - Group

1st: Riley McAndrews and Taylor Shellenberger, Connect, "Photo 51: Legacy of DNA,Leadership in Science." 2nd: Lukas Lehmpuhl and Gabriel Murdock, Connect, "The Wizard with Lightning in His Hands: Leadership and Legacy of Nikola Tesla." 3rd: Alexandria Cullen and Andrea Vancea, Connect, "Transforming Desires Into Rights: The Leadership and Legacy of Maya Angelou."

Senior Division - Web Page - Individual

1st: Bryce Hill, PWHS, "Marching Towards Equality: The Southern Christian Leadership Conference Turns the Tide on Voter Suppression in the South." 2nd: Piper Weingardt, PWHS, "Queen Liliuokalani: The Leadership and Legacy of Hawaii's Only Queen." 3rd: Andrew Hensley, PWHS, "Theodore Roosevelt: Social Justice Leader."

Senior Division - Web Page - Group

1st: Luke Erickson and Cheyenne Lockwood, PWHS, "Mahatma Gandhi: Leading a Legacy of Peace and Change." 2nd: Cassie Daly and Ann Whited, PWHS, "Lewis Hine: Leading Children to Their Rights." 3rd: Thomas Duran, Isaac Hart, and Dylan Murray, PWHS, "Mother Jones the "Miners' Angel."

Senior Division - Individual Performances

1st: Katie Peterson, Las Animas High School, "Margaret Brown: Beyond the Titanic."

Junior Division - Individual Performances

1st: Brandon Samora, Connect, "Legacy of James K. Polk: The Dark Horse Leading Manifest Destiny." 2nd: Marie Moore, Connect, "Industrial Leader Andrew Carnegie Leaves Legacy of Philanthropy." 3rd: Triston Turner, Pueblo School for the Arts and Sciences, "Legacy and Leadership of the Italian Mob."

Junior Division - Group Performances

1st: Claire Duffee, Elizabeth Leyba, Ava Martinez, and Shae Swerdfeger, Connect, "The Leadership of Kit Carson: Shaping the Legacy of the West." 2nd: Caitlin Gile, Sheridan Reed, and Joviana Romero, Connect, "Ida Tarbell Leads the Fight Against the Octopus; Leaving a Journalistic Legacy." 3rd: Hannah Combs, Savannah Mizell, Haley Owens, and Sophia Valentine, Connect, "Meticulous Leadership of John D. Rockefeller Leaves a Broken Legacy."

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