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CSU-Pueblo students share research at symposium

Release Date: October 21, 2014

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Colorado State University-Pueblo

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Press Release

PUEBLO The research of 18 faculty/student teams was featured as part of the 10th Annual Science and Mathematics Student Research Symposium co-sponsored by the College of Science and Mathematics at Colorado State University-Pueblo  on Friday, Oct. 17. The topics were as diverse as the variation in mercury among Colorado birds and parasite testing in goats to the effect of diet on bone structure and strength in aging mice.Student research was accomplished in partnership with the following CSU-Pueblo faculty members – Sandra Bonetti, professor of chemistry; Dan Caprioglio, professor of biology; Helen Caprioglio, associate professor of biology; David Dillon, assistant professor of chemistry; Annette Gabaldon, associate professor biology; David Lehmpuhl, professor of chemistry; Jonathan Poritz, associate professor mathematics; Brian VandenHeuval, associate professor of biology; Dr. Claire Ramos, assistant professor of biology, Dr. Jeff Smith, associate professor of biology.

Poster presentations were on display from 2-4 p.m. in the Life Science Building Foyer. At 4 p.m. in Life Sciences 105, students heard from featured speaker Dr. Rick Kreminski, dean of the College of Science and Mathematics and interim director of Institutional Research.

1.Protein Purification of Acid Phosphatase Enzyme from Penicillium spinulosum Hi Fe LPSG Media Cultures
Carisa Medina, East High School, Mario Cruz, Health Academy, (Bonetti)

2.Variation in mercury bioaccumulation among species of passerine birds in Colorado
Carley Knutsen, graduate student, biology, (Ramos)

3.The Effects of Iron and Copper on Chitinase and Fungal Glycohydrolase Activites in Penicillium fellutanum
Mario Cruz,  Health Academy, Carisa Medina, East High School,(Bonetti)

4.Mercury and Fluctuating Asymmetry in Juvenile Birds along Fountain Creek, Colorado
Ashley Minnich, senior, biology, Pueblo (Ramos)

5.Monitoring Concentrations of Atmospheric Mercury in Pueblo, CO
Lauren Bartolo, graduate student, chemistry, Pueblo  (Lehmpuhl)

6.Regulation of Neuronal Synaptic Plasticity by Lactic Acid Metabolism and Transport in Mouse
Amy Uhernik, graduate student, Pueblo, Roy Cerda, senior ,biology, Pueblo West (Smith)

7.Synthesis and Properties of Aromatic Hydrazides and Tetrazines
Celeste. Bethea, senior, chemistry, Pueblo West (Dillon)

8.The Effect of a Synbiotic Diet on Bone Structure and Strength in Aging Mice
Maureen Chomam, graduate, biology, Pueblo and(Gabaldon and Cynthia Blanton, Idaho State University)

9.Hg Concentration in Washed and Unwashed Leaves of Differing Plant Species
Kelsey Wager, senior, chemistry, Pueblo West (Lehmpuhl)

10.Applications of Continuous Run and Batch-Fed Fermentations in Applied Microbiology
B.N. Bauer, junior, biology, Aurora, CO (D.Caprioglio)

11.Time extended study of Penicillium spinulosum glycohydrolase activity in control copper cultures
Brianna York, sophomore, biology, Pueblo West (Bonetti)

12.Mercury Accumulation in Oreamnos americanus
Jeanette Cortez, graduate student, biology, Pueblo (Ramos) 

13.Testing for nematode parasites in Rocky Mountain Goat populations
Christa Dunlap, sophomore, biology, Fountain, CO,(Vanden Heuvel)

14.Oxidative stress sensitivity in Saccharomyces cerevisiae M1AP gene disruption strains
Andrea Vyas, senior, biology, Pueblo (Caprioglio/Caprioglio)

15.Shannon Entropy of Genetics Sequences
Mathew Klamm, senior, Pueblo,and J.A. Poritz

16.Singing on Mercury: Does Methylmercury Affect Song Learning and Production in Zebra Finches?
Nicholas Goodall, senior, biology, Florence, CO and  Joseph Droulliard, biology (Ramos)

17.Correlates of songbird window strikes on the Colorado State University campus
Hilary Eisenbraun, senior, biology, Colorado Springs, CO and Ashley Glasser, senior, biology, Canon City, CO (Ramos)

18.Molecular Distinction of Mirabilis rotundifolia from Other Closely related Species in the Mirabilis Genus
Sherie Caffey, graduate, biology, Pueblo (Vanden Heuvel)

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