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CSU-Pueblo to transition to new domain name this fall

Release Date: August 15, 2014

Cora Zaletel

Executive Director, External Affairs

Colorado State University-Pueblo

(719) 549-2810

Press Release

PUEBLO – Colorado State University – Pueblo will spend the next six months transitioning to a new and shorter domain name from to By Feb. 2, 2015, will no longer be in use, and the new,, will be permanent.

Changing the domain has been a topic of discussion ever since the University became CSU-Pueblo in 2003, but three major benefits ultimately drove the initiative to change the domain name:

  1. The current domain contains a hyphen that is considered bad practice in the web industry. Since the domain is the digital address of the university, the institution sought a credible and concise name for end users.
  2. Reducing the domain name from 16 characters to 9 will help keep URLs concise and  easier to use, read, and write.
  3. The change brings consistency with other URLs in the CSU System(i.e. -,

Technically, the domain change will allow Information Technology (IT) to repair the Active Directory network on campus and to improve compatibility with newer operating systems and cloud management. It also will result in faster logins and reduce the time necessary to establish new accounts and account changes. Within the next year, the University also is replacing the campus Content Management System (CMS) that drives the website, which means using the new domain from the start will save staffing and resources that would be costly if the system were to be changed at a future date.

At the current time, the new web site,, will redirect to the current website. This redirect allows campus to start adding the new domain to stationary, business cards, and new publications and advertising. Student, faculty, and staff emails also will work with both domains throughout the transition. Specifically, an email account will accept incoming messages from either the OR All faculty and staff emails will end with, while student emails will end with

“This transition will help refine the image of the university as well as improve the technology tools we use on a daily basis,” said CSU-Pueblo President Lesley Di Mare.

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