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CSU-Pueblo announces 2014 state History Day qualifiers

Release Date: March 05, 2014

Cora Zaletel

Executive Director, External Affairs

Colorado State University-Pueblo

(719) 549-2810

Press Release

PUEBLO – For the 20th straight year, the History Department at Colorado State University-Pueblo hosted the Southeastern Colorado History Day and announces the qualifiers to the National History Day in Colorado State Competition at the University of Colorado – Denver on May 3.   

Approximately 215 students competed in this event where middle and high school students from southeastern Colorado research and create projects based on an annual theme, Rights and Responsibilities in History on Saturday, March 1 on the CSU-Pueblo campus with special awards presented to students who display excellence based on theme or specifications of awards. 

The following special awards were presented to:

Best project that focuses on the 1913-1914 Southern Colorado Mine Wars and/or the Ludlow Massacre, sponsored by the United Mine Workers Association

Paper Category: Rights and Responsibilities of Company Towns Across the United States
Jenette Watkins, Pueblo West High School (PWHS)

Documentary Category: The Ludlow Massacre - The Rights of the Worker vs. the Responsibilities of the Employer
Ian Holmes, Pueblo School for the Arts & Sciences (PSAS)

Website Category: The Ludlow Massacre: Rights of the Miners Invaded
David Lichliter and Jarrett Loughry, PWHS

Best Project Overall: Rights and Responsibilities: The Ludlow Massacre and the Colorado Industrial Plan
Eric Sun, PWHS

Best Addresses/Utilizes the Steelworkers Museum of Industry & Culture sponsored by the Bessemer Historical Society

The Ludlow Massacre: The Rights of the Worker v. The Responsibilities of the Employer
     Ian Holmes, PSAS

The Chicano Movement
 Max Markuson DiPrince, PSAS

Best Project on Pueblo History sponsored by Historic Pueblo
    Colorado State Hospital: The Shift from In-Patient to Out-Patient Care
    Logan Castro, Connect

Best Project on Latino History sponsored by CSU-Pueblo Chicano Studies Department
    The Fight in the Fields: Cesar Chavez and the Struggle for Worker’s Rights
    Brielle Bruce, Katelyn Martinez, Ryan Miller, and Brock Roman, Connect

Project on Colorado History sponsored by the El Pueblo Museum & Los Amigos Volunteer Organization
    The Chicano Movement
    Max Markuson Di Prince, PSAS

Best Project on WWII History sponsored by the Pueblo Weisbrod Aircraft Museum
The Holocaust: One Man’s Actions Destroys Millions of People’s Rights    
Jacob Lewis and James Gavato, Connect

Honorable Mention – Websites
Women’s Finest Hour: WWII Responsibilities
Paige Marsh and Bocote Pottrer, Connect
Honorable Mention – Documentaries
One Man, One Army, The Rights of Millions Stolen: The Killing Fields in Cambodia
Calyx Warren, Connect
Honorable Mention – Exhibits (3)
A Crusader with a Camera: Lewis Hines’ Fight for Rights
Marianna  Benitez, Claire Duffee, Hunter Miller, and Cabriel Murdock, Connect
The Freedom Rides: Rides for Equality and Right, Wyatt Hunter, Connect
Salem Witch Trials when People were hanged Along with their Rights, Morgan Flores, Cecilia Montanez, and Lauren Patterson, PWHS
The following students are the winners in the Junior and Senior Divisions – Regional History Day Competition who advance to the state competition the University of Denver on May 4. The top two state qualifiers in each category (about 60 students) are invited to the National History Day competition at the University of Maryland near Washington, D. C. where they will compete with students from across the nation.

Junior Division Paper – Individuals 
1st    Su Lan Mair, Connect,  American by Right, Jewish by Responsibility:  How Immigrant Jews Created an Empire    

2nd     Troy Baski, Connect, The Chinese Experience in America:  Striving for Basic Rights Amidst Unfair Legislation    

3rd     Jaren Rivera, Pueblo School for Arts and Sciences (PSAS), Operation  Valkyrie: The Plot to Assassinate Hitler    

Senior Division Paper – Individuals 
1st      Eric Sun, PWHS, Rights and Responsibilities: The Ludlow Massacre and the Colorado Industrial Plan
2nd    Jenette Watkins, PWHS, Rights and Responsibilities of Company Towns Across the United States
3rd    Jacob Sloan, PWHS, Louis Tikas and the Ludlow Massacre: The Workers' Fight for Rights    

Junior Division – Documentary – Individual

1st    Ian Holmes, PSAS, The Ludlow Massacre - The Rights of the Worker vs. the Responsibilities of the Employer    
2nd     Sophia Markuson DiPrince, PSAS,  The Stonewall Riots: The event that launched the Gay Rights Movement 

3rd    Isaac Sloan, Connect, The Price of Freedom: Rights Stripped Away During Apartheid in South Africa

Senior Division – Documentary – Individual
1st    Tony Sun, PWHS, The Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882: When the United States Handpicked Rights and Responsibilities
2nd    Kennedy Taylor, PWHS, The Stonewall Riot: A Seminal Event in the Fight for Gay Right;
3rd    No Third Place Given

Junior Division- Documentary – Group
1st     Jacob Lewis and James Gavato, Connect, The Holocaust: One Man’s Actions Destroys Millions of People’s Rights
2nd    William Carver and Marcus Lucero, Connect, Eastern State Penitentiary: The Right to Isolate, The Responsibility for Change
3rd     Michael Nava-Pachelo and Mathew Acosta David, Connect, The Attica Revolution: Fighting for Prisoner Rights

Senior Division- Documentary – Group
1st    Reilly Spence and Hannah Taylor, PWHS,  Citizens or Prisoners: Camp Amache
2nd    Carmen Boren and Shanuia Roberts, PWHS, Rights and Responsibilities of Women’s Rights Activists
3rd    Morgan Even, Olivia Fronmueller, and Emily Simpson, PWHS, Lewis Hine: Viewing the Rights and Responsibilities of the American Work Force through a Different Lens

Junior Division – Exhibits - Individual
1st     Riley Harding, Connect, John Newton: From Slave Trader to Rights’ Protector
2nd     Katharine Meeks, Connect,  Downwind from Trinity: Responsibility After Nuclear Testing
3rd    Morgan Hager, Connect, A Promise that Couldn’t be Kept: America’s Responsibility to Bikini Island

Senior Division – Exhibits - Individual
1st      Megan Price, PWHS, Relocation in WWII: Rights of Japanese Americans
2nd     Landon Ure, PWHS,  The Sand Creek Massacre Rights and Responsibilities
3rd    Evan Ward, PWHS, Child Labor at the Turn of the Century

Junior Division – Exhibits - Group 
1st     Zachary Kwitek, Owen Massey, Riley McAndres, and Neela Ropp, Connect, Bhopal: Corporation Neglects Human Rights
2nd     Delaney Barela, Juliet Chi, Luke Mayes, and Brandon Samora, Connect, Dorothea Dix: Crusader for Mentally Ill Rights
3rd     Connor Finley, Brighton Krasovic, Bryce Ying, and Taylor Uhlman, Connect, Rwanda: Mass Genocide Leads to Human Rights Catastrophe
Senior Division – Exhibits – Group
1st     Bethany Kwitek and Annemarie Parker, PWHS, Women Take Charge to Obtain Rights and Responsibilities
2nd     Cameron Brinkley, Cody Cozzolibno, Alexander Daughtery, and Michael DeNardo,PWHS, Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire
3rd     Taryn Medina and Taylor Swatzki, PWHS, Muckrakers Pave the Way to Citizen’s Rights

Junior Division – Web Page – Individual
1st      Ann Whited, Connect, Claiming the Right to Intern the Responsible: Japanese Internment Camps    
2nd     Juan Sanchez, PSAS, Eugenics and the Rights that were Stolen
3rd      Kayla Holloway, PSAS, Women Rights in China

Junior Division – Web Page – Group
1st      Bailee Phillips and Alyssa Schreiber, PSAS, Contradictions of Women’s Suffrage
2nd     John Arnott and Garrett Kristan, Connect, Responsibilities of the Little Rock Nine in Gaining Civil Rights
3rd     Mac Lusero and Trevor Wood, Connect, Martin Luther King Jr. and Civil Rights, the Fight Against Organized Racism

Senior Division – Web Page – Individual
1st    Bryce Hill, PWHS, When the “Fags” Fought back – the Stonewall Riots 
2nd    Destin Bogart, PWHS, Declaration: Process to Independent Rights 

Senior Division – Web Page – Group
1st    David Lichliter and Jarrett Loughry, PWHS, The Ludlow Massacre: Rights of the Miners Invaded
2nd    Makala Flickinger and Hannah Walkero, PWHS, Showdown in the South: Freedom Riders Fight for the Right to Ride
3rd    Braxton Bedwell, Sam Cabrera, Luke Erickson, and Ethan Hays, PWHS, Josefe Mengele

Senior Division   - Individual Performances
1st    Travis Romero, PWHS, In the Eyes of the Demon
2nd    Meghan Kinnischtzke, PWHS, Sacco and Vanzetti: The Right to a Fair Trial

Senior Division   - Group Performances
1st    Sarah Didericksen, Ian Miles, and Katie Storey, PWHS, Women’s Rights
2nd    Hanna Douglass, Michael Peters, Brittney Schlup, and Jourdan Snyder, PWHS, The Salem Witch Trials of 1692: Who was Responsible for Taking the Rights of the Accused?

Junior Division   - Group Performances 
1st     Kyla Pettie and Emily Hanenberg, Connect, Responsibility of Maquiladoras to Protect the Right to Life of the Unborn
2nd     Alise Gladbach and Alexandra Gutierrez, Connect, Typhoid Mary: Public Health Responsibilities Trump Civil Rights
3rd    Ian Byrd, Thea Rodriquez, and Dominique Trujillo, Connect, The First Ten Amendments: A Bill that Forever Protects American Rights Against Tyranny

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