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Below are the most important forms; you will need to begin receiving your educational benefits at CSU-Pueblo. Please fill out the appropriate forms for the chapter you are using and return them to the Military and Veteran's Success Center.

  1. VA Education Benefits Checklist: This checklist will guide new students though the process of gaining acceptance to Colorado State University-Pueblo as well as guide students through the process for getting their benefits started through the VA.
  2. Isakson & Roe Section 1005 Residency Form: This is the residency form for veteran students using Ch. 33 & Ch. 31. Depedents students using Ch. 33 TEB or the Ch. 33 David Fry Scholoraship may also apply for this in-state tuition program. 
  3. Yellow Ribbon Colorado State University-Pueblo: This form is to be filled out by students that are using the Post 9/11 GI Bill and receiving 100% of educational benefits.
  4. Active Duty Instate Tuition Form: This form is to be filled out by active duty and dependents that are attending CSU-Pueblo without changing their residency to the state of Colorado. This form ust be signed annually by the active duty members instillation Education Center.
  5. 702-Form: This is an in-state tuition application for veteran students who have enrolled in the school within 3 years of separation. This program gives veteran students one year of in-state tuition so that they can establsh residency. 
  6. GI Promise Form: This application for in-state tuition rates is for all students using Ch. 33, Ch. 33 TEB & Ch. 33 David Fry Scholarship. 

Registration is Open

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Registration is available for Fall B online – please see course details in Course Offerings. 

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