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    Rev 89

    Rev89 is a non-commercial educational radio station licensed by the FCC that functions as a laboratory tool for students of the Department of Media & Entertainment. Rev89 has been serving the Southern Colorado region since 1970. Student manager positions may be awarded each semester to qualified students.

    The Rev89 lab allows students to experience working for a professional radio station in an educational environment. Students are able to record and edit audio, learn the basics of audio production, record newscasts, produce public affairs and sports shows, cut live breaks during their on-air shift or at live remote broadcasts, and understand the process of radio programming and music selection.

    Rev89 generates revenue from local underwriters throughout Pueblo. For underwriting information, please call our department.

    Students will learn how to operate the master control room (Arakis boards), Adobe Audition and the radio’s automation system - WideOrbit and Powergold.


    The pre-requisite requirements for media labs are as follows:

    • Students must be declared Media Communication majors or minors,
    • Students must be in their junior or senior year,
    • Students must have permission from the instructor.
    • Students must take Radio Operations 140 (or transfer an equivalent class) before enrolling in the media lab


    Rocky Mountain Public Broadcasting System affiliate,  KTSC-TV, provides hands-on opportunities for students. Television production students serve on the production staff, including producing and directing, for locally produced daily and weekly programs which are broadcast regionally and state-wide. Production and post production opportunities prepare students to work in the television industry.



    The Today, the department's print magazine and online news website, is published during the regular academic year and functions as a laboratory tool for students of the mass communications department. Editorial and advertising management positions are awarded each semester to qualified students. 

    Today News Editorial allows journalism students the opportunity to report and write for the department's print magazine and online news website. This is offered during the fall, spring and summer semesters. Students will gain real-world newsroom experience by writing news, features, opinions, editorial and sports stories for both print and online publications. The online news website is updated daily and the print magazine is published once each fall and spring semester. The news website and magazine cover stories about various campus subjects including student government, budget issues, commuting, student organizations and health issues.

    Today Online Audio/Video Production offers hands-on experience with the process of producing audio/video. Students will shoot and edit video, and learn proper lighting and microphone techniques. Students have the opportunity to work with post production editing programs such as Final Cut Pro and Premiere Pro to edit visuals and sound.

    Today Advertising Sales Lab provides students with the challenging and rewarding task of selling ads. All Today publications are funded through advertising revenue. Students will learn how to prospect clients, make cold calls and meet with real clients to discuss artwork, promotions and slogans. Students will work closely with the adviser, clients and editors to meet assigned quotas and deadlines.


    The pre-requisite requirements for media labs are as follows:

    • Students must be declared Media & Entertainment majors or minors,
    • Students must be in their junior or senior year,
    • Students must have permission from the instructor.

Internship Opportunity

The Media & Entertainment internship program began in 1963-64 and is believed to be the oldest journalism/communications internship program in the state.


Students interested in a journalism/communications internship through the Department of Media & Entertainment must meet the following criteria:

  • Must be a junior or senior
  • A member of the department faculty must approve application
  • Students must have a 3.0 GPA in the Media & Entertainment major
  • Students must enroll in a Field Experience for 3, 6 or 9 credits


  • The ratio of clock hours in the internship to credits received is 3:1 per week. Students enrolled for 3 credits work 9 hours per week earning 135 clock hours over the course of a 15-week semester. For 6 credits the student must work 18 hours per week or 270 hours over 15- week semester and for 9 credits there must be 27 hours per week worked or 405 clock hours over a 15-week semester.
  • Students enrolled in an internship are not to be considered employees of the organization in which they are serving, thus any liability that may take place rests with the university and the student, not the organization.
  • Students do not have to follow the academic calendar regarding beginning and ending dates of the internship. These dates are agreed upon between the student and the organization as long as the student fulfills the number of clock hours corresponding to the credits received.
  • The student's internship supervisor will be asked to provide a written evaluation of the student at the conclusion of the field experience.
  • Students must keep a journal regarding their thoughts, feelings and experiences during the course of the internship, and at the end, they must submit a written evaluation of the internship from their perspective. Students may also be required to provide samples of work they produced during the internship.

How to Apply

For more information and application details, please contact our Department or speak with a faculty/staff member.

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