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    Retirement Programs

    Mandatory Retirement Plans:
    PERA (DBP)
    TIAA-CREF 401A DCP Plan   800.842.2009
    Valic 401A DCP Plan   800.892.5558 

    Voluntary Retirement Plans:
    PERA ( 401k, 457, Roth 401k, Roth 457)
    TIAA-CREF 403B
    Valic 403B


    Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)


    Employee Discount Program

    Occasionally the Human Resources Office receives different discount offers.  We will make them available in the literature racks outside or in our office.  The University assumes no obligation for these programs and does not endorse any of the organizations or their services, products or programs.  Any arrangements for services and products purchased through discount offers are the sole responsibility of the individual employee.

    Additionally, state employees are eligible for discounts on numerous products and services. All employees are eligible for these discounts. These offers change frequently and employees should check the Web site for more information.

    Employee discounts are available through the State of Colorado Employee Discount Program by signing up with BenefitHub.  Below is the link to the discount program information:

     Employee Discount Program

    Any arrangements, or services and products purchased with this discount program are the sole responsibility of the individual employee. The University, State of Colorado and Work-Life Program assume no obligation for these arrangements and do not endorse any of the organizations or their services, products or programs. All arrangements are strictly between the employee, as a consumer, and the service provider.

    All state employees are encouraged to shop and compare prices and services before purchasing, signing any contract, or making any arrangements. The University, State of Colorado and the Work-Life Program assume no responsibility for any arrangements, contracts, purchases, or disputes between individual employees and any discount vendor. The State of Colorado Work-Life Program does not negotiate, guarantee, or endorse discount vendors or discount prices and it is highly suggested each employee research and compare prices, levels of service, and any licensing or certification requirements, as should be done when making any purchase, before agreeing to any arrangement, contract, or purchase.


    State Incentive Program

    C.R.S. Section 24-50-903 establishes an incentive program under which state employees can submit suggestions for state agency improvements that result in cost savings. The Department of Personnel & Administration has developed the Idea Application form and standard evaluation criteria, as required by the statute.  The form is available at

    The established standard evaluation criteria are listed in the “Technical Assistance – State Employee Cost Savings Incentive Program”, available at, under “Compensation."

    Please submit applications to the Human Resources Office, ADM 306, Attn:  Ralph Jacobs

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Join us to learn, discuss, and participate in #VISION2028 activities throughout the week.

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