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Planning and Construction

Old Campus Aerial Photo
Concept drawing of Future Campus layout
All construction is coordinated through the Planning and Construction staff in the Facilities Department. They work closely with the campus community to determine the scope; schedule the work; coordinate any closures; and insure the project is completed with the fewest interruptions to campus life.

University Project Initiation

Please use the form below to request a physical modification to the interior or exterior of a building structure on the campus of Colorado State University-Pueblo, including painting and remodeling.

Campus Construction Projects Process

Using the Project Initiation Form (PIF), requestors will provide a description of the project. (If using grant funding, the expiration date of funding should be included. All work must be completed and paid before then.) The Dean or Director will also sign off on the request. 

The PIF is then sent to Facilities Management to develop a cost estimate, preliminary sketches, and determine whether the project will be handled internally or by an outside contractor. If it can be completed by Facilities, the work will proceed as a Work Order. Otherwise, it will become a Project.

The PIF will then return to the person responsible for the Funding Account for approval and to provide the account number. The Fiscal Officer will insure that the Funding Account has the necessary funds for the project.

The final signature on the PIF is the Supervisor of the Dean or Director approving the project. (Provost, VPs, or the President)

Planning and Construction provides assistance for developing spaces, as well as information regarding remodeling and construction of buildings across campus.

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