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Mail Service

The Mail Service is located in the Physical Plant, Room 128.

Intercampus Mail

The CSU-Pueblo Mail Service is the center of the intercampus delivery system. All on-campus memos, letters and packages can be sent to us for distribution. Each morning the US Mail is delivered and letters and packages are sorted by department. FedEx deliveries and Express Mail packages also come in the morning. The mail leaves us between 9:30 and 10:00. All mail is distributed in about 1 to 2 hours, depending on the load. Intercampus and outgoing mail is also picked up as mail is delivered to its respective department. All outgoing mail is picked up at 3:30 by the USPS. All mail received after that pick-up will be processed for the next business day.

Bulk Mailings

Bulk mailings are available to every department. There must be at least 200 pieces to be mailed out and someone from the department must come to us to pick up a Bulk Mailing Kit so that preparation can be done correctly by department staff. Mail Service personnel will then package and bag the mailing for processing at USPS.

Frequently Asked Questions


    What is the address for mail to be sent to a student?

    Student Name
    Residential Hall
    2290 Bonforte Blvd
    Pueblo, CO 81001

    • ​They do not need the mail box number, but it's helpful.
    • 2290 Bonforte Blvd is the schools address, and lets the postal service know where the mail is to be sent​.

    Where and when does mail arrive?

    • All mail is delivered to the Physical Plant and then from there it is delivered to each department.
    • Regular mail is usually delivered to the Student Mailroom between 9:30 am and 11 am.
    • Mail delivery of packages to the Student Mailroom is between 12-2 pm.
    • Last delivery of packages to the Student Mailroom is approximately 4 pm.
    • Mail and Package notifications are delivered to each residential hall Monday through Friday around 11 am.

    How are packages handled?

    • All packages that are too big for a small mail box or have a tracking number has to be signed out of the Student Mailroom by the student with an appropriate photo ID.
    • Paper notifications are dropped in the mail box of the student. Depending on when the package was delivered​ to the Student Mailroom the paper notification can take up to 24 hours to deliver.
    • Email notifications are sent out as soon as the package is logged in the Student Mailroom​.

    Can I get notifications?

    ​Please provide an email address that is checked regularly. If no email address is provided then the school email will be used as the default.

    How do I open combo locks at Culebra and Greenhorn Halls?

    1. Clear the lock by spinning the lock COUNTERCLOCKWISE for 6 turns
    2. Turn the lock COUNTERCLOCKWISE to the first number
    3. Turn the lock CLOCKWISE, pass the first number once and stop on the second
    4. Turn the lock COUNTERCLOCKWISE ​to the last number
    5. With a firm grip on the lock, spin the lock CLOCKWISE and pull outward, do not let go until the door is open.

    Where can I get postage and mailing materials?

    The Student Mailroom does not have any materials or postage for sale and neither does the physical plant. Shipping and Postage materials, including stamps, are available for purchase at the Bookstore.​

    Can I mail things out of the Residential Hall mail room?

    Yes, as long as there is postage​ on it and it is properly packaged.​

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