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Co-Sponsorship Fund Funding Guidelines



    The purpose of the Center Co-Sponsorship Fund is the allocation of monetary resources and in-kind services for culture-specific events, lectures, and workshop opportunities focused on diversity. The goal is to advance further cultural awareness, encourage diversity, and promote collaboration between The Center and registered student organizations (RSOs), Faculty, Staff, and Community Organizations.

    Applicant Eligibility

    Any registered student, student organization, faculty, staff, or community organization affiliated with the Colorado State University Pueblo may apply for funding from The Center Co-Sponsorship Fund.


    Funding Guidelines

    1. Programs must meet the purpose of the The Center Co-Sponsorship Fund as stated above.
    2. Requests for speakers or performers must include biographical and / or press release information.
    3. Payments for professional/artistic services must be arranged prior to the event ( at least a month in advance) Contracts must be arranged and approved by the SEAL Office  before the event occurs. The Center will at times process any vendor contracts on behalf of the sponsoring RSO in conjunction with the RSO advisor.  For more information consult the Student Organization Manual.
    4. Please be aware that any entity (e.g. entertainers, caterers, etc.) that does business with the University is required to have adequate insurance coverage to protect both the vendor and the University in the event of a liability claim. The Center Co-Sponsorship Fund may not be used to pay any vendor not in compliance with these policies. Please see Campus Risk Management for further details.
    5. The maximum amount The Center Co-Sponsorship Fund will allocate to an application is $500. Each organization shall be expected to share expenses for funded programs, services, and activities through its own resources. Applications that have indicated other sources of funding (e.g. academic and student affairs units, etc.) will receive greater consideration. If you are requesting for a higher amount you must schedule a meeting with the Director.
    6. All advertisements, flyers, brochures, newsletters, etc., of events funded by the The Center Co-Sponsorship Fund must have the following phrase printed on them: Co-sponsored by The Center. Failure to do so may result in the withdrawal of funding.

    Funding Restrictions

    What the Office of The Center Co-Sponsorship Fund will not fund includes, but is not limited to:

    1. Projects, activities, or services found in violation of state law and /or university rules, regulations, policies, and procedures or activities
    2. Gifts (any form of recognition)
    3. Events that are proselytizing in nature
    4. Closed events
    5. Travel for CSU Pueblo campus faculty/staff
    6. Postage
    7. Political endorsements
    8. Expenses for fundraisers
    9. Equipment purchases
    10. Wages or salaries
    11. Purchase of alcoholic beverages or any activity or communication which incorporates a reference to alcoholic beverages or promotes or is supported by an alcoholic beverage manufacturer, distributor, sales organization or vendor
    12. Payments to members of a campus organization for services rendered to that organization
    13. Honoraria and / or salary or service payments to University faculty, staff, and / or students
    14. Purchase of any book, video, or DVD that is available at the LARC.

    Application Procedures

    1. Funding requests must be submitted by 5:00 p.m. on the 15 th day of each month (except December).
    2. Any application submitted past 5:00 p.m. will be held until the following allocation hearing if the date of the event falls within the designated time frame for that allocation hearing.
    3. Applications must be completed via email (
    4. Each student organization is limited to three (3) applications per semester.
    5. Only one application for an event will be considered.
    6. The funding committee reserves the right to refuse any incomplete applications for review. Submitting a detailed budget for your event is important. The Center Co-Sponsorship Fund Committee will make allocation decisions based upon the line item expenses listed in the application budget.


    The Center Co-Sponsorship Fund committee will consist of two student staff members and a professional staff member from the Center.

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