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Success Stories

Kenneth Derry's Story

Kenneth Derry, has accomplished what many would call a near impossible dream. Higher education is not set up for non traditional students like most former or current military. Kenneth spent the first four years after high school in the Marines and fostered no ideas about college or improving himself beyond what is considered to be prepared for life. After serving in operations Enduring and Iraqi freedom, Kenneth consciously decided to see what the civilian life was like and find out if the grass truly was greener on the other side. Upon separation he was hit with the realization that civilian life was just as much of a challenge as was the Marines. At that point Kenneth decided to do something for himself that would enable his future success in life and went to college. For over three years, a participant in the Veterans Upward Bound program at Pikes Peak Community College . Without the support of the VUB, my collegiate experience might have turned out completely different.

Kenneth established himself in academics by attaining a 3.8 G.P.A and graduating with magna cum laude honors for my two year program at Pikes Peak Community College . Amongst his peers, he's been identified as a student leader and served in various roles while participating as a member of Student Government. Not only does he participate in the Veterans Upward Bound Program, he's currently working as a Peer Advocate. In the past three years Kenneth has been an office assistant, tutor, and Careers class instructor while devoting myself to helping other veterans succeed in higher education. 

Personal note: I try to exemplify what a veteran can accomplish in College and what it truly means to have a successful collegiate experience. I feel that my positive influence shows through the performance and attitudes of fellow students I am able to assist. Through the continued support of the VUB and being a recipient of the 2007-2008 NAVUB scholarship I plan to further my education and complete my Bachelors degree then move on to law school.

Kenneth A. McArthur's Story

Kenneth just graduated with honors from Colorado State University-Pueblo with a major in Sociology.  His ambition is to enter law school in the fall of 2007.  Ken began his college career in Missouri shortly after he separated from the United States Navy in 1974. 

At that time, he had other responsibilities, which precluded him from devoting the necessary time and energy to scholastic endeavors.  He worked at a variety of jobs and made a move from Missouri to Gardner , Colorado , for family reasons in 1996.  In Gardner , Ken again had a variety of jobs in several vocations. Eventually, Ken began working with an attorney in Walsenburg , Colorado .  It was from this experience that he decided to again purse his postsecondary education and become an attorney.

Ken took a semester at Pueblo Community College in the Veterans Upward Bound program to gauge his transition to academia and commitment to pursuing a postsecondary education.  He then enrolled full time at PCC.  He completed his Associates Degree in two semesters and transferred to Colorado State University-Pueblo in the spring semester of 2006.  With credits transferred from his earlier collegiate experiences and with great dedication and devotion to learning, Ken graduated only one year after matriculating at CSU-Pueblo. 

From his experience in working with the lawyer in Walsenburg, Ken has decided to pursue his law degree and then a career as a Public Defender.  His attentive mind, personality, and demeanor epitomize the thought processes and qualities, which are essential in an attorney. 

Kenneth re-entered postsecondary education later in life with a commitment and discipline, which exemplifies dedication and purpose.  Ken established himself not only as scholar, but also as an ideal model of how someone can re-enter the academic world, pursue an ambition and excel doing so at any age.  Ken has done this against what many would consider all odds. 

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Campus Safety: Coronavirus (COVID-19)

We have a number of individuals working on a plan to ensure that we are prepared to take care of our students and employees in the event our campus is directly impacted by the coronavirus.

Veteran's Upward Bound

Director: Jacobo Varela

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