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Minor in Sustainability

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Sustainability Minor

CSU-Pueblo now offers a 21-credit Minor in Sustainability that is available to any enrolled student with a declared major.

This minor will provide you with the unique opportunity to position yourself strategically in an ever-changing workforce. It will challenge you to think systemically, and globally, while shaping you to become a leader who will affect positive change.

At CSU-Pueblo, three core areas in Sustainability have been identified to shape the definition of this minor and fit the teaching, research and diversity specific to this campus:

  • Science & Technology
  • Economics
  • Social/Cultural

All of the areas are interconnected and play an integral role in the minor while serving as guides for student selected curricular pathways.

Course Requirement
EN109 – Introduction to Sustainability  2
CHEM 125 – Environmental Science 3
Senior Capstone Experience 1
Sustainability Electives 15
Total Credits: 21


    • ANTHR 100: Intro. To Cultural Anthropology
    • ART 211: Art History 1
    • ART 212: Art History 2
    • BIOL 121: Environmental Conservation
    • BIOL 182: College Biology II Cellular
    • BIOL 182L: College Biology II Lab​
    • CET 237: LEED Lab​
    • CHEM 125L: Intro. To Environmental Science
    • ECON 201: Principle of Macroeconomics
    • ECON 202: Principle of Microeconomics
    • EN 101: Intro. To Engineering
    • EN 495/591: Renewable Energy Technology and Management
    • ENG 305: Technical and Scientific Writing Report
    • GEOG 101: Physical Geography
    • GEOG 102: Cultural Geography 
    • GEOG 103: World Regional Geography
    • MCCNM 101: Media and Society
    • PHIL 201: Classics in Ethics
    • POLSC 201: International Relations
    • POLSC 340: Public Policy
    • POLSC 445: Inequality and Economic Development
    • PSYCH 314: Environmental/Conservation Psych
    • PSYCH 420: Human Evolutionary Psych
    • REC 104: Desert Orientation
    • REC 105: Canyon Orientation
    • SOC 291: Environmental Sociology 

    Complete course description information can be found in the official University Catalog.


    Why Select the Sustainability Minor?

    If you are looking to demonstrate to potential employers your knowledge, experience and credibility in the area of Sustainability.

    If you want inter-disciplinary academic experience and training related to local, regional and global Sustainability issues.

    If you 'think globally, but act locally'.

    If you want to reach a higher earning potential.

    If you are interested in examining the scientific, cultural, economic and policy aspects of Sustainability.

    Additionally, this minor provides an opportunity for you to earn a degree that combines interdisciplinary education and experiential learning while taking advantage of the many courses offered across campus. CSU-Pueblo sets the standard for regional education in Sustainability and joins the other higher education institutions in the State of Colorado who currently offer options in Sustainability degree equivalents.


    Student Learning Outcomes

    Upon completion of this minor students will:

    Identify principles and core concepts of Sustainability and its role within local and global contexts.

    Explain the socio-cultural, economic, scientific and technological implications of Sustainability problems and solutions from a systemic perspective.

    Become agents of change that champion Sustainable skills and principles.

    Demonstrate ability to formulate technical, operational and strategic frameworks for Sustainability problems and solutions.

    Develop critical and rational thinking skills to understand systems interdependencies and emergent aspects associated with Sustainability.

    Use the scientific method and knowledge transfer processes to assess and select different solutions for Sustainability related problems.

For more information, please contact:

Dr. Jude DePalma
College of Education, Engineering, and Professional Studies(CEEPS)


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