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At Colorado State University-Pueblo, we are committed to maintaining a campus that is connected to the geographic region while ensuring balance through community engagement, recognition and protection of natural resources, and economic resiliency.


    In addition to the Minor in Sustainability, CSU-Pueblo offers many courses that integrate the topic of sustainability into their curriculum.

    • _ANTHR 100: Intro. To Cultural Anthropology
    • _ART 211: Art History 1
    • _ART 212: Art History 2
    • _BIOL 121: Environmental Conservation
    • _BIOL 182: College Biology II Cellular
    • _BIOL 182L: College Biology II Lab
    • _CET 237: LEED Lab
    • _CHEM 125L: Intro. To Environmental Science
    • _ECON 201: Principles of Macroeconomics
    • _ECON 202: Principles of Microeconomics
    • _EN 101: Intro. To Engineering
    • _EN 495/591: Renewable Energy Technology & Management
    • _ENG 305: Technical & Scientific Writing Report
    • _GEOG 101: Physical Geography
    • _GEOG 102: Cultural Geography
    • _GEOG 103: World Regional Geography
    • _MCCNM 101: Media & Society
    • _PHIL 201: Classics in Ethics
    • _POLSC 201: International Relations
    • _POLSC 340: Public Policy
    • _POLSC 445: Inequality & Economic Development
    • _PSYCH 314: Environmental/Conservation Psych
    • _PSYCH 420: Human Evolutionary Psych
    • _REC 104: Desert Orientation
    • _REC 105: Canyon Orientation
    • _SOC 291: Environmental Sociology

    Green Building

    Colorado State University-Pueblo certifies all new construction under the LEED rating system. CSU-Pueblo currently has several LEED certified buildings on campus. The Library Academic Resources Center (LARC) was the first LEED platinum certified building with governmental funding in the State of Colorado. 

    LEED Lab

    In 2014, Colorado State University-Pueblo was only 1 of 4 higher education institutions to offer LEED Lab. Since that time, 8 other higher education institutions have committed to offering the LEED Lab but Colorado State University-Pueblo continues to be the only school that offers LEED Lab as part of their Construction Management degree program. LEED Lab is a course that all majors can enroll into and it plays a significant role in the curriculum for the Minor in Sustainability.

    LEED Lab is a multidisciplinary immersion course that utilizes the built environment to educate and prepare students to become green building leaders and sustainability-focused citizens. In the course students assess the performance of existing facilities on campus and choose one building where they will facilitate the LEED for Building Operations and Maintenance (LEED O+M) process with the goal of certifying the facility. At the close of the semester the students are prepared to sit for the LEED AP O+M professional credential exam.

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    Community Partnerships

    CSU-Pueblo works in partnership with the Pueblo community to provide outreach, education and resources. Often, these partnerships result in student projects that offer experiential education and real world experience.

    Campus Operations

    The Facilities’ department implements sustainable practices across campus operations.

    • Waste: Diversion of trash from the landfill through campus-wide recycling efforts (paper, aluminum, plastics no. 1 & 2 and cardboard)
    • Energy: Solar array that produces 10% of total energy supply for campus
    • Water: Reduction of water usage through retrofitted building fixtures, seasonally timed landscape irrigation, and ongoing stormwater management
    • Cleaning: Green cleaning products are used throughout the care and maintenance of all buildings
    • Alternative Transportation: Alternate modes of transportation are available through regional connections to the campus
    • Parking: Permits for low emissions and reduced fuel vehicles are available to students as well as specially designated parking spaces

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