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Conflict of Interest


Colorado State University-Pueblo aims to promote objectivity in research activity.

Undisclosed or unmanaged COI can:

  • Undermine the Public Trust in CSU-Pueblo
  • Compromise Data and/or Interpretation of Research Results
  • Have an Advere Impact on Student's Progress Towards Degree
  • Create Hard Feelings/Problems in the Workplace
  • Violate State and Federal Laws


A public servant commits failing to disclose a conflict of interest if he exercises any substantial discretionary function in connection with a government contract, purchase, payment or other pecuniary transaction without have given seventy two hours’ actual advance written notice to the secretary of state and to the governing body of the government which employs the public servant of the existence of a known potential conflicting interest of the public servant in the transaction with reference to which he is about to act in his official capacity.

A “potential conflicting interest” exists when the public servant is a director, present, general manager, or similar executive officer or own or control directly or indirectly a substantial interest in any nongovernmental entity participating in the transaction.


  • Call 2 Misdemeanor

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