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Psychology, Bachelor of Arts & Science

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Program Overview

The Psychology BA/BS program provides the student with an overview of the major areas within psychology, along with the opportunity to select courses that fit their personal interests.

As a psychology student, you will learn the psychological theory methods of inquiry, evaluation, and drawing appropriate conclusions as well as learn skills that are useful for problem-solving in many applied settings. Students will gain a strong ability to conduct research and critically analyze human behavior. 

Students are encouraged to take advantage of many opportunities in the psychology department, including field placements and both laboratory and field-based research.

Program Admission

"Students will gain a strong ability to conduct research and critically analyze human behavior."

- Krista Bridgmon, Psychology Depart. Chair

Frequently Asked Questions


    What is the difference between the B.A. and B.S. degrees in Psychology?

    In addition to the Psychology courses, the B.A. requires one of the three foreign language options listed on the course requirement.

    The B.S. requires students to complete 8 credits in the natural sciences or math (Biology, Chemistry, Geology, Mathematics, or Physics) beyond their general education courses. EXHP 162 and EXHP 162L cannot be used to satisfy the additional science requirement. The Psychology B.S. option provides an excellent background for graduate studies in psychology.


    What kind of jobs are available to psychology graduates?

    The Psychology program prepares students to work in a wide variety of career opportunities including education, mental health counselor, government, human resource specialist, medical /health service manager, social service agencies, and much more.



    How long does it take to finish a psychology degree?

    A degree in Psychology is designed to be completed in four years. The degree requires the accumulation of 121 credit hours. For students completing in four years, the schedule usually involves 30 credit hours per academic year or 15 hours per semester. Some students finish more quickly by taking additional courses in the summer. Others with demanding work or family commitments may take longer to finish.


    Am I qualified for scholarships?

    You may be qualified for one or more scholarships offered by CSU Pueblo. You must have an updated FAFSA on file with Student Financial Services. Visit the Scholarships page for more information.

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