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Gen Ed Student Learning Outcomes

General Education Student Learning Outcomes (SLOS)

Upon completion of general education courses, students will...

  • Use the English language to communicate with clarity, coherence and persuasiveness, demonstrating critical analysis, logic, precision and rhetorical awareness. (Communication)
  • Identify, analyze and evaluate arguments and sources of information to make informed and logical judgments, to arrive at reasoned and meaningful arguments and positions, and to formulate and apply ideas to new contexts. (Critical Thinking)
  • Articulate the nature of a multicultural society and recognize the role of aesthetic awareness, foreign language skills, cultural and social perspectives or human and institutional systems of the past and present. (Diversity and Social Responsibility)
  • Clarify and evaluate their own values and ethical conduct and analyze the values and ethical conduct of others. (Personal Values and Ethics)
  • Apply numeric, symbolic and geometric skills to formulate and solve quantitative problems. (Quantitative Reasoning)
  • Apply the scientific method, laboratory techniques, mathematical principles and/or experimental design. (Scientific Reasoning)
  • Identify and evaluate wellness principles, including mental, emotional and physical health, needed to make informed choices. (Wellness and Well-Being)
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