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Member Term Expires
CHEN (3)
Senator Margie Massey Apr-2023
Senator Priscilla Brenes Apr-2023
Senator Apr-2022
(Alternate - 1yr term) Apr-2023
Senator Judy Gaughan Apr-2024
Senator Doug Esken Apr-2024
Senator Katie Brown Apr-2024
Senator Matthew Caywood Apr-2024
Senator Jon Pluskota Apr-2024
(Alternate - 1yr term) Trevor Gates-Crandall Apr-2023
STEM (5)
Senator MD Islam Apr-2023
Senator Franziska Sandmeier Apr-2023
Senator Bahaa Ansaf Apr-2023
Senator Apr-2021
Senator Leonardo Bedoya-Valencia Apr-2023
(Alternate - 1yr term) Apr-2023
HSB (3)
Senator Yaneth Correa-Martinez Apr-2023
Senator Justin Holman Apr-2024
Senator Justin Goss Apr-2024
(Alternate - 1yr term) Apr-2023
LIB (2)
Senator Joelle Quigley Apr-2023
Senator Thomas Sommer Aug-2024
(Alternate - 1yr term) Beth Fuchs Aug-2023
Parliamentarian (non-voting - one year appointment)  Jude De Palma
Provost (non-voting) Chad Kinnery n/a


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