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Member Term Expires
CHEN (3)
Senator Margie Massey Apr-2021
Senator Marie Pickerill Apr-2021
Senator Jacinda Heintzelman Apr-2022
(Alternate - 1yr term) Apr-2021
Senator Ryan Strickler Apr-2021
Senator Kevin Van Winkle Apr-2021
Senator Katie Brown Apr-2022
Senator Chris Picicci Apr-2022
Senator Richard Walker Apr-2022
Senator Barbara Brett-Green Apr-2022
Senator Iver Arnegard Apr-2022
(Alternate - 1yr term) Zahari Metchkov Apr-2021
STEM (5)
Senator Matthew Cranswick Apr-2021
Senator Franziska Sandmeier Apr-2021
Senator Bill Brown Apr-2021
Senator Neb Jaksic Apr-2021
Senator Leonardo Bedoya-Valencia Apr-2022
(Alternate - 1yr term) Apr-2021
HSB (3)
Senator Yaneth Correa-Martinez Apr-2021
Senator Justin Holman Apr-2022
Senator Justin Goss Apr-2022
(Alternate - 1yr term) Rick Huff Apr-2021
LIB (2)
Senator Alexis Wolstein Apr-2021
Senator Betsy Schippers Aug-2022
(Alternate - 1yr term) Lona Oerther Aug-2021
Parliamentarian (non-voting - one year appointment)  Jude De Palma
Provost (non-voting) Mohamed Abdelrahman n/a

Spring 2022 Registration is Open

To register for Spring 2022 courses, students will need to meet with their academic success coach or faculty mentor, submit proof of vaccination or exemption, and self-register through Banner.

Registration Requirements

Submit Proof of Vaccination or Exemption

CARES Funding

Student wearing face mask

CARES Funding is available for eligible students to help pay for cost of attendance needs such as food, housing, childcare, health care, course materials, technology, tuition assistance, and other critical needs.

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