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  • COVID-19 Update: Campus open to public Monday through Friday, 9AM-12PM and 2PM-5PM.


    As of July 6, campus services are available in person and in remote format. Visitors must follow the signs to health screening upon arrival.



Member Term Expires
Senator Neb Jaksic Apr-2019
Senator Margie Massey Apr-2019
Senator Jacinda Heintzelman Apr-2018
Senator Steve McClaran Apr-2018
Senator Susan Belport Apr-2019
(Alternate - 1yr term) Daniel Trujillo Apr-2019
Senator Kim Cowden Apr-2019
Senator Arlene Reilly-Sandoval Apr-2019
Senator Leticia Steffen Apr-2019
Senator David Volk Apr-2019
Senator Madison Furhh Apr-2018
Senator Cindy Taylor Apr-2018
Senator Alan Mills Apr-2018
(Alternate - 1yr term) Dana Ihm Apr-2018
CSM (4)
Senator Matthew Cranswick Apr-2019
Senator Mel Druelinger Apr-2018
Senator Moussa Diawara Apr-2018
(Alternate - 1yr term) Bill Brown Apr-2018
HSB (3)
Senator Yaneth Correa-Martinez Apr-2019
Senator He-Boong Kwon Apr-2018
Senator Joey Cho Apr-2018
(Alternate - 1yr term) Rick Huff Apr-2018
LIB (2)
Senator Kathryn Balek Apr-2018
Senator Bev Allen Aug-2019
(Alternate - 1yr term) Betsy Dekens  Aug-2018
Parliamentarian (non-voting - one year appointment)  Jude De Palma
Provost (non-voting) Bruce Raymond n/a
Aerial shot of campus fountain

Campus Safety: Coronavirus (COVID-19)

We have a number of individuals working on a plan to ensure that we are prepared to take care of our students and employees in the event our campus is directly impacted by the coronavirus.

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