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Vaccinations for Faculty, Staff and Students

COVID-19 Vaccine Required

Because the FDA has approved the Pfizer vaccine, the COVID-19 Vaccine is required at CSU Pueblo, effective immediately. All students, employees, and university partners will be required to have vaccine records or an exemption on file with the Wolfpack Wellness Center before the start of the Spring 2022 semester.

In order to register for spring beginning October 18, students will need to have proof of vaccination or an exemption on file following current immunization protocols. Employees must have vaccination records or an exemption on file by no later than November 15, 2021.

Submit Vaccine Information or watch video for Auto Exemption Here*:

Immunization Portal

*Proof of vaccination or exemption can also be submitted via the ThunderWolf Health Portal.

Vaccine Clinics

Weekly vaccine clinics will begin on campus every Wednesday and Thursday in the Occhiato Student Center. Vaccines will be available for CSU Pueblo students, employees, and partners at no cost. 


    Is the COVID-19 vaccine safe?

    The Pfizer and Moderna vaccines use Messenger RNA (mRNA) technology, under development for years, to quickly produce effective, safe vaccines. Messenger RNA sends a message to the cells in the body to produce antibodies against a virus. Themessenger then leaves the body through the normal process of excretion, allowing the cells to create a defense against the virus. The Johnson & Johnson (Janssen) vaccine works in the body in a similar manner as other vaccines used for contagious illness/disease. As of Summer 2021, United States COVID-19 vaccines require two weeks from administration in order to be effective.

    Studies of US “emergency use authorized” (EUA) vaccines developed against COVID-19 have found them to be safe and effective with mild side effects and very rare adverse events. Alternatively, the risk of serious effects from having COVID-19 is at least 100 times worse than the vaccines’ adverse events. To read more about on the efficacy and decades of research that has informed the research around each of these vaccines here.


    Why are COVID-19 vaccines mandated for employees and students?

    • The CSU System announced on April 28 that it would require COVID-19 vaccines for employees or students for the Fall 2021 semester, conditioned upon full approval of one or more vaccines by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.
    • This action is in accord with our belief that the science around COVID-19 and the vaccines are clear and compelling, and it is in line with other typical, existing vaccine requirements for students on our campuses. We believe it is also in keeping with the best guidance received from federal, state, and local public health authorities and supports our goal of returning to in-person learning as soon as possible – and to the fullest extent possible – under public health guidelines.
    • More information about the details of this requirement will be communicated on this page over the next days to weeks, particularly after May 6, when the CSU Pueblo Board of Governors will finalize details about its decision. This will include information about how students and employees may report their vaccine status, exemptions, and other details.

    Where can students, faculty and staff get a vaccine?

    • Everyone 12 years of age and older is eligible to get a COVID-19 vaccine in any state in the U.S. (Note that 12-17-year-olds can only receive the Pfizer vaccine at this time.)
    • COVID-19 vaccinations are free at any location, even if you do not have health insurance or citizenship documents.
    • Vaccinations are available at multiple locations throughout Southern Colorado, including vaccine clinics hosted by FEMA and Pueblo County Department of Public Health and Environment. See links in the “Resources” section of this page for more information on vaccinations locations.
    • Students do not need to be Pueblo County residents to get a vaccine from a county clinic.
    • CSU Pueblo is not a primary source of vaccines for students, faculty, and staff. You should get a vaccine through a county vaccine site, healthcare system, your primary care provider, local pharmacy, or other vaccine providers.

    Who will know if I have been vaccinated?

    • CSU Pueblo COVID-19 Response and Planning Team is working with the Wolfpack Wellness Center to create a secure, HIPPA-compliant method for vaccination submission.
    • Your vaccine information, including whether or not you have received the vaccine, will remain private and will be shared on a need-to-know basis only.

    Can someone ask me if I have been vaccinated?

    • Supervisors, colleagues, Housing employees, instructors, etc., should not ask students and employees about their vaccine status.

    Once I am vaccinated, do I need to continue with regular saliva screening and other public health precautions?

    • If you have received your vaccine and have proof of vaccination, you may stop submitting COVID testing samples two weeks after you complete the vaccine requirements (two shots for most vaccine brands).
    • Faculty, staff, and students who receive the vaccine are required to continue to comply with all public health guidelines, including masking and physical distancing unless otherwise directed by CSU Pueblo COVID-19 Response and Planning Team.
    • Beginning May 24, surveillance testing will not be offered at CSU Pueblo.
      • ​​Point-of-Care testing (rapid antigen testing only) may be scheduled through The Wolfpack Wellness Center (Pavilion location) for employees or students who are experiencing symptoms or may have been exposed, by calling 719-549-2830. 

    Will I be required to share any personal information during the vaccination process?

    • Like other routine vaccinations, you will need to share some personal information with your vaccine provider when you get a COVID-19 vaccine.
    • This information will only be used for public health purposes. It may include your name, date of birth, and contact information.
    • Sharing your identity and some of your medical history ensures that the vaccine is administered safely, effectively, and responsibly.
    • Vaccines are available for all adults, even if you do not have medical insurance or citizenship documents.

    How much does the COVID-19 vaccine cost?

    • Getting a COVID-19 vaccine is free at any location, even if you do not have medical insurance or citizenship documents.
    • While your vaccine provider may ask for your health insurance information, there will not be an out-of-pocket cost to you.

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