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Campus Impact Report

Total campus cases, reported since July 1, 2020

Consistent with CSU Pueblo response protocols and Pueblo Department of Public Health and Environment (PDPHE) guidance, anyone identified within our campus community as being at risk of exposure from these individuals will be notified if they need to quarantine and/or self-monitor for symptoms.

The data below is provided by the CSU Pueblo COVID-19 Response and Planning Team (CRPT). We anticipate that the increased availability of testing for COVID-19 will reveal more cases in our campus and local communities.

Reported Cases for CSU Pueblo: Totals, as of October 22, 2021

STUDENTS 343 3 6 32 0 0
EMPLOYEES 79 2 8 11 0 0
OTHER* 27 0 0 0 0 0

*Other=contractors, campus partners, etc.

Total Fatalities: 3

Total Reported Cases

  • Active: 286
  • Inactive: 2789

Case Definitions

  • Reported Cases — Total reports received through the COVID reporting process
  • Positive (I) Cases — Reported cases that involve diagnosed COVID-positive individuals
  • Probable Case — Meets clinical markers of “positive,” but has not yet been confirmed with a laboratory test
  • House Pos - Household Positive — Someone in household or close family member or personal contact, with whom the employee or student has daily contact, has tested positive
  • Quarantined (Q) — Student or employee has been asked to separate and restrict their movement, because of confirmed or probable exposure to a contagious illness, in order to monitor for symptoms. Residence Life and Housing Quarantining Procedure.
  • (Q) On Campus — Student or employee, who lives in on-campus housing, has been asked to separate and restrict their movement, following Residence Life and Housing policies, because of confirmed or probable exposure to a contagious illness in order to monitor for symptoms.
  • (I) On Campus — Confirmed positive cases with a contagious illness who has been asked to separate from people who
    are not sick.
  • Active Case — Positive or probable cases, symptomatic cases, or individuals awaiting test results in quarantine, who are
    being monitored or managed CSU Pueblo CRPT.
  • Inactive Case — Case no longer monitored by CSU Pueblo CRPT (e.g., quarantine period or symptom monitoring period
    passed, affiliate is allowed to return to work/visit/study on campus, etc.)
  • NOTE: Antigenic Positives and PCR positives totals may not match campus totals, as some individuals seek multiple tests. Any reference to “tests” is a count of administered tests, which could include multiple tests on single individuals; references to “cases” refers to individual students or employees. Numbers do not necessarily reflect individuals who have or have not been on university grounds or in classes. In some cases, there may be a delay in counting positive test results, causing the data for dates in the past to change. 
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