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Campus Safety: Coronavirus

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Student Resources

View past messages to students (sent to student email accounts) and emergency funding procedures.

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Review CSU Pueblo's vaccination requirements and clinics.

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Impact Report

Review monthly positive cases and total reported cases since July 2020.

Case Reporting Protocols

Thank you for contacting CSU Pueblo's COVID-19 Response and Planning Team. As always, if you have a medical emergency, please dial 911.

Beginning July 1, 2022, the email will no longer be monitored daily. Please follow the guidance listed below for any questions or concerns regarding COVID testing, positive cases, or isolation or quarantines from campus:

  1. To schedule a test, please call the WolfPack Wellness Center at 719-549-2830. Tests are available, at no charge, to all current CSU Pueblo students and employees. Tests are available, by appointment, Monday through Friday.
  2. If you are sick, or experiencing flu-like or possible COVID symptoms, please stay home until you have been clear of symptoms for 3 days. If a member of your household tests positive, and you are able to isolate with them, please stay home, monitor for symptoms, test often, and communicate with your professors or supervisors and Human Resources.
  3. Employees and student workers should contact supervisors and Human Resources (719-549-2441) to process sick leave and to document your leave or remote work options during any COVID-related illness.
  4. If you have tested positive for COVID-19, you should isolate for a minimum of 5-days and notify anyone you encountered during the 3-days prior to the onset of symptoms -- or date of a positive test.
  5. If you are doing in-person learning, please contact your professors immediately in order to determine remote options during your isolation. If you have any difficulty or require assistance, please contact Dr. Marie Humphrey, the Dean of Students, at or call 719-549-2919.
  6. If you have been exposed to a positive case, and you are UNVACCINATED, please test frequently and remain off campus for 5-days. Please follow protocols for notifying supervisors and HR (see #3, above). Per public health and CDC guidance, CSU Pueblo does not have a protocol for quarantining a vaccinated and exposed individual without symptoms. If you develop symptoms, please stay home and see guidance in #2, above.
  7. CSU Pueblo is a designated vaccination site and offers no-charge vaccinations (Moderna and Pfizer) for all students and employees, by appointment only. Please call 719-549-2830 to make an appointment for your vaccination or booster shot.

For additional questions about campus protocols, please call 719-549-2312.

Thank you, 

CSU Pueblo COVID-19 Response and Planning Team

Vaccination Requirements

Students enrolling in the Spring 2022 semester are required to submit proof of vaccination or exemption by the start of Spring classes.

If you are notified that a visitor, guest, or university partner you or your team hosted on campus has tested positive, please follow the procedure, as outlined below, by contacting the CSU Pueblo COVID-19 Response and Planning Team immediately at 719-420-0002 or at


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Step 1. Notification to COVID-19 Response & Planning Team

In this step, any individual who tests positive (including with at-home test kits) must contact the CSU Pueblo COVID-19 Hotline at 719-420-0002 immediately, or email the COVID Response and Planning Team at

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Step 2. Notification to Supervisor (if you are an employee or student worker)

In this step, any individual who tests positive and who works on campus – as a full-time or part-time employee, including work study, tutoring, or student employment positions – as a courtesy, should notify their direct supervisor. In the event the university has not been notified, supervisors, faculty, or staff who receive reports of positive COVID tests should contact the COVID Hotline and/or the COVID email address immediately.

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Step 3. Isolation Notification & Contact Tracing

In this step, the CSU Pueblo COVID-19 Response and Planning Team confirms case, identifies immediate risk, and sends an official university isolation notification to the individual who has tested positive, and with a copy email to the following: Carol Daugherty (Campus Medical Officer), Dr. Marie Humphrey (Dean of Students – for student cases only), Jen Martin White (Employee Relations Specialist, Human Resources), a certified contact tracer assigned to case, and 1-2 direct supervisors, as appropriate.

Additionally, if positive individual is a coach or student athlete, the Director of Sports Medicine, your supervising coach, and the Athletic Director will be notified. In all cases where a student or employee lives on campus, Residence Life and Housing supervisors will be immediately notified so that the positive case may be safely moved to an identified isolation floor.

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Step 4. Contact & Quarantine Notices

In this step, the CSU Pueblo COVID-19 Response and Planning Team, once notified about a positive case, will immediately start contact tracing protocols, which includes a conversation (if necessary) with the positive case, and information gathering on exposures to any non-vaccinated CSU Pueblo students or employees.

Individuals who have been exposed, and who are unvaccinated, will be notified to quarantine for 14 days.

Frequently Asked Questions


    What if a member of my household has tested positive for COVID-19?

    If a member of your household has tested positive for COVID-19, contact the CSU Pueblo COVID-19 Response and Planning Team, immediately, at 719-420-0002 or via email at


    What if I, or a member of my team, have a fever or any of the symptoms of COVID-19?

    Contact your supervisor, and if you are on campus, go home until you are at least 72 hours fever-free, without the use of medication. Seek a COVID-19 test immediately.

    Contact your health care provider, or contact the Wolfpack Wellness Center for an appointment or test at 719-549-2830.


    Where can I get a COVID-19 test?

    The Pueblo Department of Public Health and Environment is currently operating a drive up testing site at the Colorado State Fair Grounds and at the Pueblo Mall. Test results are the most accurate (PCR tests) but results may take 2-4 days. Rapid tests are available.

    If you are symptomatic, CSU Pueblo’s Wolfpack Wellness Center has antigen (rapid) tests available (for students and employees) at no cost, by appointment only. Contact the WolfPack Wellness Center directly, to schedule an appointment at 719-549-2830.


    What do I do if I think a colleague or student has symptoms or has tested positive?

    Any question related to public health can be directed to the Pueblo Department of Public Health and Environment at 719-583-4444.

    Continue to follow all health and safety recommendations, and always encourage your colleagues and students to visit the WolfPack Wellness Center if they are feeling ill.

    If you have additional questions or concerns, please contact the CSU Pueblo COVID-19 Response and Planning Team at 719-420-0002 or via email at

    CSU Pueblo officials, the staff of the WolfPack Wellness Center, and the CSU Pueblo COVID-19 Response and Planning Team will never discuss specifics of a positive case except as it pertains to the protocols outlined here, or as it impacts the health and wellness of the CSU Pueblo campus community. All positive case and contact tracing information is shared immediately with public health officials.


    I have heard that there are new positive cases on campus. How can I confirm, and what should I do next?

    The CSU Pueblo Campus Impact Report is updated regularly, and can be located here: Impact Report

    In the event there is a campus wide risk or emergency, normal emergency protocols will be followed and all communication channels utilized. To protect the health and safety of our campus, please direct all COVID-19 questions to the CSU Pueblo COVID Hotline at 719-420-0002 or email at


    I’m worried about my own health and wellness and had a COVID-19 test, but I have no symptoms. Can I return to campus?

    If you have worries that lead to getting a COVID-19 test, please notify your supervisor and HR (as you may be eligible for paid leave), remain home, and your supervisor will contact the COVID-19 Response and Planning Team, whose team members will follow the procedures for campus wide risk management as outlined here.

    You may return to campus after receiving a negative test result. All employees and students are encouraged, when possible, to make arrangements with their supervisors and HR to work remotely while waiting for test results and/or until you are three-days post any possible illness. Regardless of vaccination status, if you are sick, stay home until you have been 3-days symptom-free.


    What does “contact tracing” mean, and what will it look like at CSU Pueblo?

    “Contact tracing” is a specific reference to the work that designated public health officials do in order to protect our community once an individual has been confirmed positive for COVID-19. CSU Pueblo’s COVID-19 Response and Planning Team includes a number of individuals who have completed the Johns Hopkins certified contact tracing training and who are authorized to do this work on behalf of CSU Pueblo, with tracking and reporting going immediately to public health officials.


    I’ve been asked to quarantine. What’s next?

    If you have been asked to quarantine, it means that you may have been exposed or are experiencing symptoms, and that you may be unvaccinated.

    If you work on campus, make arrangements with your supervisor, and contact HR at 719-549-2441, in order to determine your best options for leave and remote work.

    The determination to quarantine any CSU Pueblo student or employee is made based on the following guidelines, which are followed in all exposure cases:

    1. If you are vaccinated AND do not have any symptoms, there is no requirement to quarantine. 
    2. If you have been exposed, but are vaccinated, please closely monitor your health for symptoms and seek a test within 5-7 days from last known exposure (call 719-549-2830 to make an appointment – you can receive a test you right on campus, M-F, 9am-4pm)
    3. If you have been exposed, and you are unvaccinated, you are required to quarantine immediately (even without symptoms) for 14 days.
    4. We recommend (but do NOT require) that anyone, if possible, work/learn remote or off-campus for at least 3 days from exposure or onset of symptoms, and then test (this is left to individuals and students/supervisors to determine)
    5. If you are symptomatic, regardless of vaccination status, please isolate immediately, and call the COVID hotline at 719-420-0002 (or email at for additional directions. 

    If you need additional assistance with a COVID-19 concerns, or want more details on quarantine notices, please contact the hotline at 719-420-0002.

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