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Operation ID

What is Operation Identification?

 Operation Identification involves the registering of valuable items with the Pueblo County Sheriff's Office at Colorado State University-Pueblo. The sheriffs office will keep the record on file to be used for identification purposes should items be stolen.

Why Should I Register My Valuables? 

Participation in Operation Identification will help law enforcement identify stolen items. If you participate in the program and property is stolen, law enforcement can enter the stolen property into a statewide and nationwide information system. If stolen property is recovered anywhere, the property can be returned to its rightful owner. Without a serial number and description of the property, owner identification is much more difficult. Historically, most victims of theft are unavailable to provide appropriate information at the time of the theft. Participation in this program will ensure that information such as serial and product numbers will be available when needed.

Who Can Use the Program? 

Operation Identification is open to all students, faculty, and staff, at Colorado State University-Pueblo.

How the Program Works.

Come to the Pueblo County Sheriff's Office at CSU-Pueblo, Administration 118, during business hours, and you will be given a property inventory sheet of which you will record identification information for each item of value.

  1. Methodically inventory the contents of each campus room containing property which needs to be registered and record pertinent identification information on the property inventory sheet provided.

  2. Return the completed inventory sheet to the Sheriff's Office or submit completed forms online.

  3. The property sheet will be kept on file for future reference in the event the item is lost or stolen. If assistance is needed with locating a serial number for any property, please notify the Sheriff's Office.

What Items Should I Register?

Items that should be registered include televisions, stereo equipment, cameras, computers iPods, bicycles, tools, calculators, and office equipment.

Now That My Property is Registered, What Else Can I do?

No one is immune to theft. By participating in the Operation Identification program, you have lessened the possibility of becoming a victim of theft.

For more information, contact the Pueblo County Sheriff's Office at CSU-Pueblo in administration 118 or calling 719.549.2373.​

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