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Search and Rescue Team

The purpose of the Search and Rescue Team is to have a body of Colorado State University-Pueblo students, staff and faculty interested in search and rescue. Our goal is to create a team of like-minded students and staff members who are interested in developing or utilizing their technical skills, medical knowledge, and spirit to serve others. The Search and Rescue Team will train together, attend certification courses, and partner with Pueblo County Sheriff's office. The Search and Rescue Team will exist and function in harmony with the stated goals and purposes of Colorado State University-Pueblo.

Co-Curricular Initiatives in Support of Student Learning

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We are the second active college Search and Rescue Team in Colorado, after signing an agreement with Pueblo County to participate in the Emergency Services Bureau at the Pueblo County Sheriff's Office. Thus, we are in the process of building our team up to better serve our community. Please consider supporting us through donations so we can purchase essential rescue equipment. Any donation is greatly appreciated.

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