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  • COVID-19 Update: Campus open to public Monday through Friday, 9AM-12PM and 2PM-5PM.


    As of July 6, campus services are available in person and in remote format. Visitors must follow the signs to health screening upon arrival.

Frequently Asked Questions


    Q: How much does it cost, and who can play in intramural sports?

    A: ​We have transitioned into an IM Play Pass model. $20/ semester, or $35/year will allow you to play in every event we offer without additional charge. 

    Q: Why would I want to participate in intramural sports?

    A: There are so many reasons why you should participate, but in the interest of space, we will list the top 4.

    1. There is something for everyone!- Flag Football? Check. Volleyball? Got it. Ultimate Frisbee? You bet. Sure, "sports" is in our name, but we also offer events that aren't traditionally classified as sports, such as poker, video game tournaments, and Knockerball something new for this year!
    2. You​ will meet new people- Creating and playing on teams is a great way to meet other students and staff from CSU-Pueblo!
    3. You can create lasting memories- We mean, who wouldn't remember that time your team won the coveted intramural championship t-shirt?
    4. Staying active is super easy- With over 10 intramural events being offered this semester, there are plenty of opportunities to be active right here on CSU-Pueblo's Campus!

    Q: What events are available, and how do I sign up for them?

    A: To see a list of our events, as well as our deadlines, check out our Intramural Sports Calendar! In order to sign up, you will need to make an account on! You will need to sign up with your @pack.csupueblo email account. After that, you have full access to all things Intramural Sports!


    Q: I want to play in an intramural sport, but I don't have experience in playing. Should I still play?

    A: Absolutely! Playing an intramural sport is a great way to learn the sport in a relaxed atmosphere!


    Q: Can I get a job working for the intramural sport program?

    A: Yes, anyone can apply to work for the Intramural Sports Program! Contact 719.549.2087 for more info!


    Q: You don't offer an event that I would like to see available! Can we suggest new events?

    A: Yes! Suggestions are always welcomed by the intramural office! Contact us at the number above.

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Get Ready for Fall 2020

Cross-campus plans have been developed that allow for in-person, hybrid, and online class experiences that will help you to tailor your schedule in a flexible way that meets your personal needs.

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