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Starfish for Faculty

Do you Starfish?

Support your students through surveys and direct communication. Students may engage in their course material at times outside of class and require assistance. Systematic, ongoing interaction with students through Starfish will help address questions and concerns that arise at any time, as well as recognizing and encouraging successful learning strategies. Communication shared between campus offices allows coordinated and informed efforts to fully support our students in academic, advising, and general concerns.

In Starfish you can:

  • Respond to scheduled surveys (No Show or Academic Performance)
  • Respond to student requests
  • Raise alerts for students manually
    • Kudos to students doing well
    • Flag student concerns for follow up
    • Refer students to tutoring and other campus services
  • Close flags or referrals after student action with notes
  • Post office hours and Schedule student appointments
  • Make advising notes
  • Contact advisees or majors
  • Communicate with success coaches and support staff
  • Track student attendance

Starfish How-To videos for faculty

Questions about Starfish?

Contact for further assistance.

Starfish Training available for you or your specific department or unit
Please contact to schedule training

Progress Survey Timelines 2023-2024

Fall 2023 & Spring 2024

Full term courses

(Fall Aug21-Dec15;

Spring Jan16-May10)

Fall Survey Opens


Fall Survey Closes


Spring Survey Opens


Spring Survey Closes


No Show Warning

Aug 24

Aug 29

Jan 19

Jan 23

No Show DROP

Sept 1

Sept 7

Jan 26

Jan 30

Early alert semester progress

Sept 18

Sept 26

Feb 12

Feb 20

Mid-semester progress

Oct 20

Oct 30

Mar 15

Mar 25




Short term (8-week) courses

Fall A 2023


Spring A

2024 (Jan16-Mar10)

No Show DROP

Aug 24

Aug 29

Jan 19

Jan 23

Early alert semester progress

Sept 5

Sept 9

Jan 30

Feb 3

Fall B


Spring B


No Show DROP

Oct 19

Oct 24

Mar 15

Mar 20

Early alert semester progress

Oct 31

Nov 4

Apr 3

Apr 7


Summer 2024

Summer Part of Term

No Show DROP Surveys

Summer survey opens (8:00am) Summer survey closes (11:00pm)
1st 4-weeks (May 14-Jun 6)  May 14 May 15
1st 8-weeks (May 14-July 4) May 16 May 20
full 12-weeks (May 14-Aug 1) May 20 May 22
2nd 4-weeks (June 10-July 4) June 11 June 12
2nd 8-weeks (June 10-Aug 1) June 13 June 17
3rd 4-weeks (July 8-Aug 1) July 9 July 10

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