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Sociology Minor

A minor in the Sociology program prepares students to develop critical and analytical skills to examine human society, emphasizing how culture and social structure combine to shape people’s behaviors, attitudes, and beliefs.

Students will examine the behavior of groups, organizations, institutions, subcultures, and societies.

Our program was created for students looking to understand social inequalities and their implications on social justice. Students will not only learn to understand social issues and social organization but also to resolve social problems and improve social conditions for communities.

Graduates will gain a strong ability to conduct research, analyze information and think critically about relationship building and community interactions.

The sociology programs prepare students to work in education, research, government, business, human services, community organizing, program development, policy analysis, youth services, criminal justice, crime and violence prevention, and victim services. Sociology also prepares students for graduate studies in sociology or related social sciences, for applied research careers, or for professional degree programs in law, social work, public administration, and other fields.

The sociology minor is open to all majors.


The Minor in Sociology requires a total of 20 credit hours. 

Sociology Minor Course Offerings

Anthropology Minor

The Anthropology minor program provides a rigorous course of study for students seeking to understand the human cultural and biological experience.

Students in the program will have an understanding of the cultural diversity evident in human societies and the concepts by which anthropologists explain cultural dynamics.

The Anthropology minor program emphasizes a holistic awareness of the relationships of all the parts of social and cultural systems and prepares students to understand anthropological methods and theories and to apply them to academic as well as to life experiences.

Having a minor in Anthropology allows you to enter a variety of career fields and organizations that embrace the diversity of understanding people and their lives. These career paths include jobs in academic institutions, corporations, nonprofit organizations, non-governmental organizations, community-based ventures, federal, state, and local government.

An Anthropology Minor combines with various majors includes Social Sciences, Humanities, Health, Business, Management, Tourism, Law, Environment, Mass Communication, and Creative Arts.

Four Fields of Anthropology

  • Biological/Physical Anthropology: Concerns the evolution of the human body, mind, and behavior through the study of fossils and comparisons with the behavior and anatomy of other primate species.
  • Sociocultural Anthropology: Studies the diversity of existing human ways of life, how they work, how they change, and how they interrelate in the modern world.
  • Archaeology: Examines our past ways of life through the interpretation of material culture, organic remains, written records, and oral traditions.
  • Linguistic Anthropology: Assesses the structure and diversity of language and related human communication systems. 

The anthropology minor is open to all majors.


The Minor in Anthropology requires a total of 18 credit hours. 

Anthropology Minor Course Offerings

Women's Studies Minor

The Women’s Studies minor program offers students a different perspective for understanding their disciplines, themselves, and others. Based on feminist theory, this perspective incorporates issues of race, ethnicity, class, sexuality, and other dimensions of human diversity.

The Women's Studies minor is open to all majors.


The Minor in Women's Studies requires a total of 21 credit hours. 

Women's Studies Minor Course Offerings

Students wishing to enroll in any Minor program can declare and select the required courses through their PAWS account.

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