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Research and Sponsored Programs

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Compliance and Review Boards

Presentation of research findings

Welcome to the Compliance and Review Boards website.


    Animal Care

    Forms to be completed by PI:    

    1. Protocol Review Form - to be completed for new research/teaching proposals
    2. Project Completion Form – to be completed at the end of the approved project
    3. IACUC Research Project In Progress Form - 2013
    1. The Guide, 8th Edition
    2. OLAW IACUC Guidebook
    3. AVMA Guidelines on Euthanasia
    Other Documents:
    1. CSU-Pueblo Animal Welfare Assurance Document

    Animal Care and Use Website:




    Human Subjects


    For the human subjects, the PI will need two forms:

    1. Use the CSUP Institutional Review Board Research Application Form as the basis for your application to conduct human research. This form is new, temporary, and represents the questions that will be used in the Kuali IRB module currently in development and slated for activation in Spring 2021. Once that occurs this page will be altered to direct you into the module. At that point in time direct communication with the CSUP IRB Chair by email will no longer be required for submission. 
    2. A Consent Form must also typically be submitted along with the IRB – Institutional Review Board Research Application Form for projects involving human subjects research. 


    • If the PI answers “no” to any of the items (#1 - #8) in Section B of the IRB – Institutional Review Board Research Application Form, please review the CSUP IRB Policies and Procedures. A more general review of human research procedures can be found here.
    • For the time being, simply alter the application word document with your responses, then copy, sign, and scan the page where you add your signature, and then submit the application, along with supporting materials, directly to the CSUP IRB Chair by email.
    • Please use the most applicable consent template found on the CSU RICRO site. Please note that references made to the CSU RICRO must be altered to refer to the CSUP IRB Chair. 
    • If you need further help determining if your project requires IRB approval, please contact the IRB Chair, Dr. George Dallam, at 719.549.2619 or


    Expected timelines for processing IRB - Institutional Review Board Research Approval Forms:

    • Exempt protocols: 7 – 10 working days
    • Expedited protocols: ~ 3 weeks
    • Full board protocols: No less than 30 days
    • Course/Multi-student protocols: depends on the number of proposals and status; please contact the IRB Chair, Dr. George Dallam, at 719.549.2619 or prior to submission.

    Useful Human Subject Web Sites


    Compliance Coursework

    Federal regulations require formal training in various areas, researchers should either be aware of these requirements or contact the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs for advice.

    Research Ethics and Compliance Training (CITI)

    Responsible Conduct of Research

    It is required that all Colorado State University-Pueblo researchers complete a course on Responsible Conduct of Research annually.

    Our office maintains a subscription with Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI Program) which is dedicated to promoting the public’s trust in the research enterprise by providing high quality, peer-reviewed, web-based educational courses in research, ethics, regulatory oversight, responsible conduct of research, research administration, and other topics pertinent to the interests of member organizations and individual learners.

    These materials are designed and regularly updated to:

    • Enhance the knowledge and professionalism of investigators, staff, and students conducting research in the United States and internationally
    • Educate members, administrators, and leadership of ethics committees that review and oversee research
    • Promote ethical research at organizations through the education of research administrators and organizational leadership

    CSU-Pueblo offers several courses through CITI Program including one in Responsible Conduct of Research.

    About CITI Program
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Research and Sponsored Programs

Administration 310

Office: 719.549.2294
Fax: 719.549.2071

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