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Shelby Bitz

Director, MAPS Center for STEM Support

Shelby Bitz
Contact Info
Life Science 124 (Inside Science Learning Center)



I am a late twentysomething Pueblo native that wants to make education equitable and attainable for my community.  When I'm not trying to talk everyone I know into going back to school, I'm buying books and vinyl, hanging out with my pets - 3 dogs, 2 cats - or drinking cold brew coffee. 


When I went to college, I left Pueblo.  Though those 4 years were important, I missed Pueblo deeply the entire time.  There's no other place in the world like it, and I am determined to show everyone the endless potential that lives here. 

Favorite Restaurants 

  • Mill Stop
  • Pass Key
  • Pueblo Dragon

Favorite Pastimes and Activities

  • Posting silly Insta stories of my pets
  • Hanging out in bookstores
  • Going through new music Friday playlists every week

Fun Facts

  • My favorite color is yellow.
  • The best vinyl I own is the Dirty Dancing soundtrack.
  • My love language is cooking for people (or buying them food). 

Not So Fun Facts

  • I'm nit-picky about the right way to load the dishwasher
  • At 5'2", I will ask anyone taller than me to grab stuff for me quite often.
  • I lose my keys at least once a day
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