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Frequently Asked Questions


    How do I contact the Pack CARES Team?


    When do I Refer a student?

    If you have a concern about a student, please fill out a Pack CARES Referral.  The Pack CARES Team is here to help.  Below is list of items that may prompt you to submit a referral:

    • A student is struggling with a difficult life circumstance or health issue;
    • A student is displaying unusual or out-of-character behavior;
    • A student is communicating thoughts of harm to self, others or locations;
    • A student is experiencing significant loss such as the death of a family member or loss of safe housing;
    • A student is missing class for an extended period of time;
    • A student is nonresponsive to outreach attempts;
    • A student is displaying unhealthy or dangerous patterns of behavior;
    • A student is experiencing a high level of stress;
    • A student is displaying behavior that is disruptive or negatively impacting the classroom or work environment; or
    • A student is posting concerning messages on social media.
    • This list is not comprehensive. If you are worried about a student, please submit a Pack CARES referral so the team can assist.

    What happens once I submit a referral?

    Once a Pack CARES Referral is submitted it is reviewed by a member of the Pack CARES Team.  Then, the following actions may be taken:    

    • The Team may reach out to you to confirm the referral has been received, ask clarifying questions and discuss next steps.
    • The Team may gather additional information to help guide recommendations.
    • The Team may educate the referral source on how to assist the student (i.e. making a referral to a campus resource), if the person submitting the referral is comfortable doing so and if appropriate, given the nature of what has been shared.
    • The Team may reach out to the student directly to request a meeting, to submit a referral, or to take other action.
    • The Team may refer the situation to the Student Conduct process, if there is evidence of a violation of the Student Code of Conduct. The Pack CARES Team may provide consultation to the Student Conduct Officer in these cases.
    • The Team may share information with the police or campus and community agencies with applicable services/jurisdiction.
    • The Team may monitor the student's behavior for any trends/future behaviors.

    Can I submit a referral anonymously?

    On the referral form, you can request that your referral remain anonymous.  While we do our best to keep referrals anonymous, there are times in which a referral source cannot remain confidential. 

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