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Emil Joensson

"Hi, my name is Emil Joensson and I am an international student from Sweden. I am doing the Harvard Core Business program this summer. Here is why:

“Good” or “worthwhile” work for me does not have to be about what I do as long as I am happy with the job and I feel a purpose that I am developing, both as a human and as an employee. I one day hope to be able to work with soccer, which is my passion and hobby. That is why I chose to study business management with a mass communications minor in the first place: because I would like to work in one of those fields relative to soccer. That could be as a journalist, agent, or broadcaster. I have always dreamed of working with soccer in one way or another. With that said, I am also ready to work with something else while playing or coaching soccer on the side, if that is the best solution. Furthermore, I am beginning a minor in the honors program here and the main reason for that is to further my views and perspective of my future, and the world, and to participate in discussions with other high-achieving students.

My strive towards fulfillment and purpose together with the opportunities presented in the honors program have led me to a different path. I have chosen to change my major towards humanities and social sciences, combined with the non-integrated business administration 3+2 program. This setup will let me explore my interests and the possibilities offered here at CSU Pueblo further, and at the same time earn a master’s degree in business administration.

What made this all possible was the honors program and Dr. Volk that introduced the opportunity to do the Harvard Business CORE certificate during the summer of 2022. This certificate will expand my knowledge and cover some of the areas needed to get accepted into the BA 3+2 program. Which let me explore even more of the university and classes that fit my interests and goals.

In conclusion, my business aspirations, my interests in mass communication, my interests in sports, and the opportunities presented at this university have provided me a way to explore and tailor my education for my personal professional goals. Dr. Volk and the Harvard CORE program are what made this all possible".

Emil's Pathway:  [BA Humanities and Social Sciences degree] + [Honors Minor] + [Harvard CORe] + [3+2 MBA]

Bachelor of Arts: Humanities and Social Sciences

The Bachelor of Arts in Humanities and Social Sciences allows students to combine courses from multiple academic disciplines into a major that addresses the students’ personal educational and professional goals. This program is ideal for students who have academic interests that cross three or more existing major and/or minor areas. The program is designed to allow students to develop a range of knowledge and skills that will be relevant for their future professional and post-graduate educational goals.

 Honors Program

The goal of the Honors Program is to offer an enriched course of study that provides the academic rigor and experiences to which our best students aspire.  Additionally, we help students map all of their CSU Pueblo experiences - from course projects to extra-curricular activities, to community service, internships, and study abroad, perhaps – onto the path that best aligns with their future aspirations, which we also help them discover! Harvard CORe may be used to fulfill Honors requirements as one of the focal experiences completed in a student's tenure at CSU Pueblo.

3+2 MBA Program

The CSU Pueblo Hassan School of Business offers a unique 3+2 Masters of Business Administration (MBA) program open to students in all majors. Once admitted, 3+2 MBA students begin graduate work during their Senior year and complete both undergraduate and graduate requirements concurrently in the fifth year of registration. Benefits of the program include an accelerated course of study for the MBA and tuition charged at the undergraduate level throughout a student's registration.

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