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Faculty Involvement

Create A Discovery Scholar Program

In order to create robust undergraduate experiences and attract new students to CSU Pueblo, the Discovery Scholars Program will fund and support a mentor program to recruit engaged faculty members to play an active role in scaffolding research opportunities for first-time undergraduate students within their discipline area and provide active mentorship to students engaging in applied and basic research and scholarly activity. Faculty mentors will play an active role in mentoring first-year undergraduate students through all aspects of the research/scholarly activity process, including design of activities, nurturing proper techniques, data collection and analysis, reporting, and publication and presentation of research findings.

Benefits of Involvement:

  • Compensation via stipend and/or course release (determined by the College Deans and appropriate Chairs)
  • Access to funding for research supplies through the Discovery Scholars Program
    • Research supply funding amount is at the discretion of the Discovery Scholars Director 

Expectations for Involvement:

  • Guide one research group of first-year undergraduate students (5-8) for the academic year
    • Scaled stipend or release may be provided for faculty mentors that recruit students to participate, though not the full roster (5-8) needed
  • Provide a brief (couple sentence) monthly reports on Discovery Scholars progress, and participation in the RSCA 2022 (Mid-March) Student Presentation Day.
  • Facilitate weekly or bi-weekly meetings with your student research team
  • Maintain regular communication with Discovery Scholars Director (Abby Davidson), ensuring timely handling of any issues that come up
  • Guide students through a meaningful research experience* resulting in data-driven results
    • *Meaningful Research Experience: the student is the driving force behind experimental design/project design, implementation of the methods to collect data, data analysis, presentation design, and oral communication of the results

Overview of Discovery Scholars Timeframe

  • Fall Semester: Finalize recruiting of student roster by end of the second week of the semester. Development of projects and training of students on scientific and laboratory/field skills, begin to implement studies and projects. 
  • Spring Semester: Active project implementation, data collection, data analysis, data reporting, and mentoring in the poster development process. Student presentations at RSCA 2022 (Mid-March) Student Presentation Day.
  • Note: Faculty mentors that do not play an active role in scaffolding and facilitating the research process are subject to dismissal from participation
  • Please note that participation as a faculty mentor is dependent on student interest in your project – if sufficient interest is not garnered, the project is unlikely to be included in the Discovery Scholar Program

To become a Discovery Scholar mentor, please contact Abby Davidson at

Vaccination Requirement and Exemptions

Student wearing face mask

The university's COVID-19 Vaccination Policy includes the COVID-19 vaccination unless an exemption is filed.

Discovery Scholars

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