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    Basic Spanish for the Health Professions

    Basic Spanish for the Health Professionals, Certificate

    The Basic Spanish for Health Professionals certificate is a comprehensive program designed to equip healthcare professionals with essential Spanish language skills. This specialized certification aims to bridge the communication gap between healthcare providers and Spanish-speaking patients, enabling practitioners to deliver quality care to a diverse population. This certificate empowers healthcare professionals to enhance patient-centered care and establish stronger relationships with Spanish-speaking communities.

    Requirements & Coursework

    The Basic Spanish for the Health Professionals certificate consists of 12 credit hours in coursework. The detailed course requirements can be seen in the course catalog.


    Advanced Spanish for the Health Professions

    Advanced Spanish for the Health Professionals, Certificate

    The Advanced Spanish for Health Professionals certificate is an advanced-level program designed to further enhance the Spanish language proficiency of healthcare professionals. This specialized certification builds upon the foundation of basic language skills and expands into more complex medical terminology and advanced communication strategies. Participants in this program deepen their understanding of medical concepts, enhance their ability to conduct in-depth patient assessments, and effectively navigate complex healthcare discussions. 

    Requirements & Coursework

    The Advanced Spanish for the Health Professionals certificate consists of 12 credit hours in coursework. The detailed course requirements can be seen in the course catalog.


    Colorado Studies

    Colorado Studies Certificate

    The Colorado Studies certificate program offers a comprehensive exploration of Colorado's rich history, geography, culture, and natural resources, providing participants with a deep understanding of the state's unique identity. 

    Colorado Studies Certificate Course Offerings


    Creative Industry Essentials

    Creative Industry Essentials, Certificate

    The Creative Industry Essentials Program is designed to provide an introduction to the tools and techniques commonly found in the creative industries.

    Creative Industry Essentials Certificate Course Offerings


    Diversity Studies

    Diversity Studies, Certificate

    The Diversity Studies certificate program is a 9-credit hour certificate that provides an enriching, multidisciplinary experience for students through exposure to a variety of cultures, diverse social contexts, and lived experiences within the academic context. It will further prepare students for the social and cultural diversity of the world in which they live and work.

    Diversity Studies Certificate Course Offerings



    Geography Certificate

    This certificate is intended for students, as well as individuals who want a better understanding of the basic principles and theories of geography. Students will apply geographical thinking to current issues of relevance.

    Geography Certificate Course Offerings


    Homeland Security Studies

    Homeland Security Studies, Certificate

    The Political Science Program administers the Center for the Study of Homeland Security (CSHS), which offers a certificate in Homeland Security Studies and a Minor in Homeland Security for degree-seeking students.

    The certificate in Homeland Security provides students with an opportunity for the introductory-level study of real-world political and public policy issues involved in prevention and response to natural and man-made disasters and events.  The program is directed at the creation and enhancement of pre-professional knowledge and skills, which are immediately transferable to related career fields in government and industry.


    The Homeland Security Studies Certificate requires a total of 9 credit hours. 

    Homeland Security Studies Certificate Course Offerings


    Nutritional Psychology

    Nutritional Psychology Certificate

    The Nutritional Psychology certificate program combines the fields of nutrition and psychology to explore the intricate relationship between food and mental well-being, equipping individuals with the knowledge and skills to promote optimal mental health through evidence-based approaches to nutrition and lifestyle interventions.

    Nutritional Psychology Certificate Course Offerings

Students wishing to enroll in any Certificate program can declare and select the required courses through their PAWS account.

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