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English, Graduate Certificate

The English Program offers an 18-credit graduate certificate in English designed to enable students who have earned a Master’s degree in a discipline other than English to teach college-level courses in English, i.e. in concurrent enrollment programs such as the Senior to Sophomore Program or at community colleges and universities.

English Graduate Certificate Course Offerings

Homeland Security Studies, Certificate

The Political Science Program administers the Center for the Study of Homeland Security (CSHS), which offers a certificate in Homeland Security Studies and a Minor in Homeland Security for degree-seeking students.

The certificate in Homeland Security provides students with an opportunity for the introductory-level study of real-world political and public policy issues involved in prevention and response to natural and man-made disasters and events.  The program is directed at the creation and enhancement of pre-professional knowledge and skills, which are immediately transferable to related career fields in government and industry.


The Homeland Security Studies Certificate requires a total of 9 credit hours. 

Homeland Security Studies Certificate Course Offerings

Students wishing to enroll in any Certificate program can declare and select the required courses through their PAWS account.

Spring 2022 Registration

Registration Opens October 18, 2021.

To register for Spring 2022 courses, students will need to meet with their academic success coach or faculty mentor, submit proof of vaccination or exemption, and self-register through Banner.

Vaccination Requirement and Exemptions

Student wearing face mask

The university's COVID-19 Vaccination Policy includes the COVID-19 vaccination unless an exemption is filed.

College of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences

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