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Classified Staff Council

2022-2023 Classified Staff Council Members

President - Cheryl Mincic, Admin Assistant II, Athletic Training

Vice President - Veronica Santistevan, Library Technician II, Library Services

Secretary - Sandra Bandimere, Laboratory Coordinator II, Biology

Treasurer - Lori Lucero, Admin Assistant II, Social Work

Faculty Senate Representative - Priscilla Brenes

Sherece Alaniz - Admin Assistant II, Student Recreation

Daniel Burns - Materials Handler II, Mail Services

Frank Johnson - Materials Supervisor, Mail Services

Ryan Knabe - Admin Assistant II, Sociology, Criminology, Anthropology

Lynnette Leachman - Admin Assistant III, Nursing

Elizabeth Wolf - Custodian III, Custodial Services

Council Mission:

Be informed, productive, and able to present issues with solutions to improve classified employee relations with the University.


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